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Dear Colleagues,

A number of those in our community will be aware of the emergence of a DH Training Network last summer — organically growing thus far to involve those at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (Victoria, Canada), the Digital Humanities Winter Institute (College Park, Maryland, USA), DH at Leipzig (Germany), DH at Oxford (UK), DH at Switzerland (Bern), MusicDH at EDIROM (Paderborn, Germany), and leading DH training initiatives based at Brown U (Rhode Island, USA), Lancaster U (UK), and the Institut für Dokumentologie ind Editorik (Köln, Germany), among others.

This group formed, initially, at DHSI in June 2012, with discussions related to its initial shape and early constituency taking place at DH at Oxford in June 2012, as well as at DH2012 in Hamburg, DH at Leizpig in July 2012, and DHWI in January 2013.

This call for expressions of interest in joining this loose, collegial network follows on from those earlier discussions, as the network continues to grow.

Initiatives thus far considered among network participants include those as informal as advice and peer support; those as helpful as shared publicity, some degree of curricular and temporal/geographical coordination, and discussion about curricular models and institutional integration; and those as organized as the possibility of a formal summit for DH training initiatives, integration with the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations (ADHO) as a special interest group, and participation in an international graduate professional certificate program in DH based on the training model shared by DHSI, DHWI, DH at Leipzig, and others whose offerings are institutionally accreditable.

If you are interested in being involved in these discussions as the network continues to grow, please share something about yourself and your interests at http://www.regonline.ca/DHTrainingNetworkQ.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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