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  [1]   From:    Inge Moris <Inge.Moris at leuven.be>                         (12)
        Subject: Reminder: Uitnodiging: colloquium Itinera Nova | Tools,
                people & history

  [2]   From:    Peter Robinson <P.M.Robinson at BHAM.AC.UK>                  (48)
        Subject: CFP: Social, Digital, Scholarly Editing Conference,
                Saskatoon July 11-13

  [3]   From:    Joris Pekel <joris.pekel at okfn.org>                        (37)
        Subject: DM2E Presents The Web as Literature, 10th June 2013, British

  [4]   From:    Tommie Usdin <btusdin at mulberrytech.com>                   (24)
        Subject: Balisage Conference Student Support Awards

        Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 08:37:20 +0000
        From: Inge Moris <Inge.Moris at leuven.be>
        Subject: Reminder: Uitnodiging: colloquium Itinera Nova | Tools, people & history


Deze week biedt de laatste kans om u in te schrijven voor het colloquium Itinera Nova | Tools, People & History op 25 en 26 april.
Meer info op www.leuven.be/archief http://www.leuven.be/archief  en in bijgevoegde pdf.
Een kleine wijziging in het programma: Tim Bisschops kan helaas niet aanwezig zijn op 26 april, maar hij wordt vervangen door twee van zijn collega's, Inneke Baatsen en Julie De Groot, die beiden ook een uitgebreid onderzoek voerden op basis van de Antwerpse schepenregisters.
Graag tot op het colloquium!

Met vriendelijke groeten

Het Itinera Nova team

*** Attachments:

        Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 13:21:47 +0000
        From: Peter Robinson <P.M.Robinson at BHAM.AC.UK>
        Subject: CFP: Social, Digital, Scholarly Editing Conference, Saskatoon July 11-13

Proposals are invited for the Social, Digital, Scholarly Editing conference,
to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, from 11-13 July 2013.  This
conference comes at a critical inflection point in the transformation of
scholarly editing caused by the two massive shifts of the digital
revolution: the movement of all data into digital form and the creation of
new modes of collaboration. For the first: the creation of massive amounts
of data in digital form has already transformed the basic materials of
scholarly editing, while digital tools offer new methods for exploration and
publication. For the second: where scholarly editing in the past has been
typically the work of a single dedicated scholar, the development of social
media opens up the possibilities of collaborative work across whole
communities. These changes affect every aspect of scholarly editing. This
conference will explore the theoretical, practical, and social implications
of these changes.

Proposers accepted from this open call will join some thirty invited
conference participants, drawn from scholarly editing, digital humanities,
and the 'citizen scholar' movement.  Confirmed participants are Barbara
Bordalejo, Susan Brown, Ben Brumfield, Gabriel Egan, Paul Eggert, Paul
Flemons, Alex Gil, James Ginther, Tuomas Heikkilä, Fotis Jannidis, Laura
Mandell, Murray McGillivray, Brent Nelson, Catherine Nygren, Dan O'Donnell,
Roger Osbourne, Wendy Phillips-Rodriguez, Elena Pierazzo, Ken Price, Peter
Robinson, Geoffrey Rockwell, Peter Shillingsburg, Ray Siemens, Michael
Eberle-Sinatra, Joshua Sosin, Melissa Terras, Edward Vanhoutte, and Joris
van Zundert (to be confirmed: Hans Gabler and Jerome McGann). The conference
will be preceded by a one-day workshop on collaborative editing systems.

Proposals should focus on some aspect of contemporary digital scholarly
editing. We welcome descriptions of current projects, theoretical or
speculative discussions, bibliographic work, or any aspect of scholarly
digital editing. Papers considering scholarly editing in a communal,
collaborative context are particularly encouraged. Proposals will be
accepted under two strands: one for students of graduate and doctoral
programs, one for all others.  We particularly welcome proposals from the
GO::DH<http://www.globaloutlookdh.org/> (Global Outlook::Digital Humanities)
community, addressing digital scholarly editing in a global context.  We
will able to offer financial support for accepted proposals, if needed, in
the form of bursaries and/or funding for all travel and other costs, and
will give preference in allocating funding to proposers from circumstances
where support is rarely or never available. As well as a 500 word abstract,
proposers should submit a cover letter explaining their interest in the
conference theme, why they want to attend and indicate what level of support
(if any) they might need to come to the conference.

Proposal submission will close on 26 April; successful proposers will be
notified by 10 May 2013. The call is at
https://ocs.usask.ca/conf/index.php/sdse/sdse13/schedConf/cfp.; the
conference website is at https://ocs.usask.ca/conf/index.php/sdse/sdse13.

On behalf of the conference organizing committee: Barbara Bordalejo, Susan
Brown, Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Murray McGillivray, Brent Nelson, Dan
O'Donnell, Peter Robinson, Geoffrey Rockwell, Ray Siemens

        Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 16:13:02 +0200
        From: Joris Pekel <joris.pekel at okfn.org>
        Subject: DM2E Presents The Web as Literature, 10th June 2013, British Library

Dear All,

We would like to invite you to the *Web as
Literature* http://webasliterature.org ,
a one day event of talks and workshops exploring Linked Open Data and its
revolutionary potential for the humanities brought to you by the DM2E
project  http://dm2e.eu  and Judaica Europeana<http://www.judaica-europeana.eu/>

Taking place on *10th June 2013* and hosted by the *British Library* the
event will bring together leading digital humanists and cultural heritage
professionals and will feature a keynote from *Ted Nelson* the inventor of

Attendance is free, but places are limited. Sign-up
here http://webasliterature.org/ to guarantee yourself a place.

The programme will include:


   *A keynote by the inventor of hypertext, Ted Nelson*

   A dedicated Digital Humanities panel on modelling the humanities with
   Professor Stefan Gradmann (KU Leuven), Dr Tobias Blanke (Kings College
   London) and Dominic Oldman (Research Space, British Museum)

   The European Digital Library and Linked Open Data with a presentation
   from Antoine Isaac

   Hands-on workshops with DM2E’s flagship tool, Pundit <http://thepund.it>,
   for semantically annotating and linking texts and images

More information on the event can be found here
 http://webasliterature.org and please email
sam.leon at okfn.org if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Joris Pekel
Joris Pekel
Community Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation

        Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 12:20:28 -0400
        From: Tommie Usdin <btusdin at mulberrytech.com>
        Subject: Balisage Conference Student Support Awards


Students! An inexpensive way to attend a most excellent technical conference!

Balisage is the premier international conference on markup languages, technologies, theories, and practice. It is held annually during late summer in Montréal, QC. (But don't take our word for it, try Googling it: http://www.google.com/search?q=markup%20conference.)

Support for attending Balisage 2013 will be available for some full-time students in the field of markup technologies and related disciplines including Computer Science, Library and Information Science,  and Digital Humanities.

Thanks to our sponsors, award winners will receive substantial support:

* Reimbursement for travel to and from Montréal
* Accommodations at the Hotel Europa, the conference venue, for the duration
* Full conference registration, including breakfast and lunch

To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled full time in an academic degree program, as documented in your CV. And you must have a demonstrable interest in and commitment to our field.

In order to qualify, please submit an application that includes the following:

* Application Letter. Tell us, in a page or two, why you want to come to Balisage, and how attending Balisage will help you. Describe your academic research program, professional interest in the field, perspective on important issues (addressed and not adequately addressed by the community and in the industry), or anything else you feel will recommend you and your work to the conference committee and Balisage community at large.

* Academic CV, listing any of the following: relevant course work, research projects (with links where applicable), published papers, conferences attended, professional employment and activity, blogging, etc.

* Letter(s) of recommendation (at least one) by professionals (academic or not) who know your work and can speak to your engagement with markup technologies.

* Permission to publicize, at the conference and in connection with it, your name and participation, in announcements and related materials such as the program. Part of the reason for Balisage is to develop professional contacts among the attendees. You want to know us, and we want to know you.

* Optional: a paper submission for the conference. (See the Call for Participation at http://www.balisage.net/Call4Participation.html.) Papers submitted in connection with an application for student support will not guarantee you win support, nor will papers submitted by applicants necessarily be accepted for the program. But a paper submission, even if not accepted for the program, will strengthen your application.

Application materials will be accepted in plain text, HTML, or PDF and are due on April 19, 2013 (the same day Balisage paper submissions are due). Please send applications to info at balisage.net, with the subject line "Student award application". Be sure you include contact information.

Awards will be offered at the discretion of the conference committee.

Find out more about the Balisage series of conferences at http://www.balisage.net. Then come to Montréal to experience the cutting edge of this fascinating field at the crossroads of technology, textual studies, database theory, and philosophy.

"There is nothing so practical as a good theory"

Balisage: The Markup Conference 2013          mailto:info at balisage.net
August 6-9, 2013                              http://www.balisage.net
Preconference Symposium                       August 5, 2012

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