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        Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2013 12:34:03 +0200
        From: Curt Rice <curtrice at me.com>
        Subject: Open evaluation: a new approach to peer review

I'm enjoying the discussion of various aspects of open access publishing. Personally, my interest in this discussion is in part to think about how this paradigm shift creates the opportunity for improving other aspects of the publishing process, e.g. problems with peer review.

I recently read a fascinating article about Open Evaluation, which is a creative reconceptualization of the publishing process. The journal Frontiers in computational neuroscience (a must read for humanists everywhere!) published a special issue with 18 articles, each taking up different aspects of how the publishing process could be better.

It's a fascinating piece of work. I wrote a short summary of the proposals for those who might be interested:


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