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        Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 06:08:53 +0100
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        Subject: U.S. National Digital Library

The National Digital Public Library Is Launched!
New York Review of Books, APRIL 25, 2013
Robert Darnton

The Digital Public Library of America, to be launched on April 18, is a
project to make the holdings of AmericaÂ’s research libraries, archives,
and museums available to all Americans—and eventually to everyone in the
world—online and free of charge. How is that possible? In order to
answer that question, I would like to describe the first steps and immediate
future of the DPLA. But before going into detail, I think it important to
stand back and take a broad view of how such an ambitious undertaking fits
into the development of what we commonly call an information society.


Thanks to the Internet and a pervasive if imperfect system of education, we
now can realize the dream of Jefferson and Franklin. We have the
technological and economic resources to make all the collections of all our
libraries accessible to all our fellow citizens—and to everyone everywhere
with access to the World Wide Web. That is the mission of the DPLA.


[for the remainder, seehttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2013/apr/25/national-digital-public-library-launched/]

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