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  [1]   From:    Kai Jakobs <kai.jakobs at COMSYS.RWTH-AACHEN.DE>            (101)
        Subject: Deadline Extension: ITU Kaleidoscope 2013 - Building
                Sustainable Communities - Call for Papers - Deadline 24 Sept
                2012 extended

  [2]   From:    "Niels Ole Finnemann" <finnemann at imv.au.dk>               (42)
        Subject: PhD seminar 'Digital Humanities and the Study of the Web and
                Web Archives'

  [3]   From:    Louise Whiteley <lowh at SUND.KU.DK>                         (31)
        Subject: PhD Course Pushing the Boundaries of Science Communication
                at University of Copenhagen

  [4]   From:    Shawn Graham <Shawn_Graham at carleton.ca>                   (21)
        Subject: THATCamp Accessibility - call for participation

        Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 12:31:12 +0200
        From: Kai Jakobs <kai.jakobs at COMSYS.RWTH-AACHEN.DE>
        Subject: Deadline Extension: ITU Kaleidoscope 2013 - Building Sustainable Communities - Call for Papers - Deadline 24 Sept 2012 extended

             The 5th ITU Kaleidoscope academic conference
                   Building Sustainable Communities

                    22-24 April 2013, Kyoto, Japan

                           Call for Papers

                ****New Deadline: 24 September 2012****

Kaleidoscope 2013 - Building Sustainable Communities - is the fifth in a
series of peer-reviewed academic conferences organized by ITU that
brings together a wide range of views from universities, industry and
research institutions of different fields. The aim of Kaleidoscope
conferences is to identify emerging developments in Information and
Communication Technologies (ICTs) at an early stage to generate
successful products and services through the development of
international and open standards.

Future technologies should be designed to enhance the quality of human
life. Kaleidoscope 2013 will, therefore, highlight multidisciplinary
aspects of future ICTs including future services and applications demand
as well as socio-economic, cultural, ethical, legal, and sustainable
development policy aspects of communities of the future.

ICTs can be used as a catalyst for transforming life to meet the
challenges of the new millennium, including global economic and
financial crises, high unemployment rates, accessibility issues, global
diseases, food availability and distribution, climate change,
environmental disasters, energy consumption, transport systems, safety,
security, and welfare.

Sustainable communities will combine human-oriented technologies and
human values. Besides technical issues, building sustainable communities
also raises ethical concerns such as responsibility for future
generations and for the environment, as well as for data and information
privacy. Therefore, an improved understanding of technology, its
suitable application, and a high consideration of its potential
consequences are necessary.

To address these issues, and for a co-evolution of technology and
sustainable communities, standards are indispensable. Developing these
standards will require concerted global efforts by inter-sectoral
stakeholders. This conference will help to further such collaborations.

Building Sustainable Communities is calling for original academic papers
offering innovative and bold approaches in research and development to
build smart, ethical, and sustainable communities.

Kaleidoscope 2013 is targeted at all specialists with a role in the
field, including researchers, academics, students, engineers, policy-
makers and regulators, innovators and futurists from all
over the world.

Date and venue
22-24 April 2013, Kyoto, Japan
Submission of papers
Prospective authors, from countries that are members of ITU, are invited
to submit complete, original papers with a maximum length of 4,500 words
within eight pages including summary and references, using the template
available on the event website. All papers will be reviewed through a
double-blind, peer-review process and handled electronically; see http://
itu-kaleidoscope.org/2013 for the online submission (EDAS). Paper
proposals will be evaluated according to content, originality, clarity,
relevance to the conference's theme and in particular significance to
future standards.
Submission of full paper proposals: Mon 24 Sept 2012 extended
Notification of paper acceptance: Mon 12 Nov 2012
Submission of camera-ready accepted papers: Mon 3 Dec 2012
Publication and presentation
Accepted papers will be presented during the event and published in the
proceedings and in IEEE Xplore. The best papers will be evaluated for
potential publication in IEEE Communications Magazine. In addition,
selected papers will be considered for publication in the International
Journal of Technology Marketing or the International Journal of IT
Standards & Standardization Research.
Awards of USD 5k, 3k and 2k will be granted to selected best papers, as
judged by the Steering and Technical Programme Committees. In addition,
young authors presenting accepted papers will receive a Young Author
Recognition certificate.


Kai Jakobs

RWTH Aachen University
Computer Science Department
Informatik 4 (Communication and Distributed Systems)
Ahornstr. 55, D-52074 Aachen, Germany
Tel.: +49-241-80-21405
Fax:  +49-241-80-22222
Kai.Jakobs at comsys.rwth-aachen.de

EURAS - The European Academy for Standardization.

The International Journal of IT Standards and Standardization Research.

The 'Advances in Information Technology Standards and Standardization
Research' book series.

        Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 14:38:52 +0200
        From: "Niels Ole Finnemann" <finnemann at imv.au.dk>
        Subject: PhD seminar 'Digital Humanities and the Study of the Web and Web Archives'

Dear Collegues,

Please, feel free to circulate.

Digital Humanities and the Study of the Web and Web Archives

PhD-seminar organised by the Digital Humanities Lab/NetLab, Aarhus
University, Denmark, 3-5 December 2012. 

Application no later than October 1 2012.

Today the Internet is the medium which holds the most multifaceted set of
materials documenting contemporary social, cultural, and political life. It
has become the fulcrum for the general development of media, including mass
media and a growing variety of digital devices. If the communicative
infrastructure of society in the late 20th century was centered on
television, it is today centered on the Internet.

As a variety of digital media penetrates all spheres in society, they also
play a still more dominant role for the social sciences, humanities and
arts. They do so in three respects: as archives for contemporary life, as a
toolbox for the study of all sorts of digital collections, including
digitized collections of non-digital materials (often labeled cultural
heritage), and as a means for enforced communication within all spheres of

In this course we will concentrate on the first of these aspects, the role
of the Internet and particularly on online and archived web materials for
scholars studying contemporary political, social, and cultural phenomena.

Read more about the course format, the venue, and how to enroll:
 http://www.netlab.dk  http://www.netlab.dk

The seminar is organized by Professor Niels Ole Finnemann, Center for
Internet Studies & Ass. Professor Niels Brügger, Head of Center for Internet
Studies, Aarhus University. Niels Ole Finnemann and Niels Brügger are also
joint leaders of NetLab - a research infrastructure project which is a part
of Danish Digital Humanities Lab.



Niels Ole Finnemann
Professor, dr. phil.
Department of Aestethics and Communication
Center for Internet Research/NetLab
Helsingforsgade 14
Aarhus University
8200 Aarhus




        Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 15:13:30 +0100
        From: Louise Whiteley <lowh at SUND.KU.DK>
        Subject: PhD Course Pushing the Boundaries of Science Communication at University of Copenhagen

Medical Museion at the University of Copenhagen is hosting a 4 day PhD
course on March 4th-7th 2013, as part of the Medical Science and Technology
Studies Graduate Programme. The course, 'Pushing the Boundaries of Science
Communication', takes an interdisciplinary approach to science communication
and medicine, and is described here: https://phdkursus.sund.ku.dk/
frontPlanner/DetailKursus.aspx?id3D95756 and on our blog at

The lecturers will be myself and Prof. Thomas Söderqvist from Medical
Museion, plus Prof. Maja Horst from the University of Copenhagen and Asst.
Prof. Jenell Johnson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The course is
relevant to students from disciplines including sociology, anthropology,
STS, and media, culture, and communication studies, whose research focuses
on public health, biomedical research, medical technology or clinical
practice. It's also relevant to students from medicine or public health with
a strong interest in studying or contributing to public communication, and
we'll be mixing lectures with practical and hands-on activities.

If you'd like to take part, you can apply through the course catalogue link
above, and please do forward this to anyone who might be interested. If you
have any questions about the course, or any tips for materials, activities,
or similar courses, send me an email on louise.whiteley at sund.ku.dk.

Thanks very much,


Louise Whiteley
Assistant Professor
Medical Museion & NNFCBMR
Faculty of Health Sciences
Copenhagen University

email: louise.whiteley at sund.ku.dk
web: museion.ku.dk/author/louise20
skype/twitter: lewhiteley

        Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2012 11:50:49 -0400
        From: Shawn Graham <Shawn_Graham at carleton.ca>
        Subject: THATCamp Accessibility - call for participation

Dear listmembers,

We are pleased to announce that THATCamp Accessibility will be held at 
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, on October 27th. We're interested 
in exploring the intersection between the digital humanities and 
accessibility (broadly construed). Please see 
http://accessibility2012.thatcamp.org/ for more information.

Registration is free and lunch will be provided. We will close 
registration on September 21st. We ask, as you fill in the registration 
form, that you indicate if you have any particular needs that we can 
help to accommodate. We will do our best to meet them, as we are 
committed to making every reasonable accommodation we can.

Please pass the word, and we hope to see you in October!

Hollis Pierce, Shawn Graham
Carleton University

Dr. Shawn Graham, RPA
Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities
Department of History

406 Paterson Hall, Carleton University
613-520-2600 xt2842

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