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[From the Digital Classicist list, with thanks. --WM]

Hi list,

here is a project that seems interesting and useful (don't remember
reading about it on the list) --- it has morphology and prosody:

University of Vilnius, Faculty of Philology, Digital Philology Centre
Thesaurus Latino-Lituanicus
Combined Latin-Lithuanian Dictionary from the 17th to the 21st Century

Thesaurus Latino-Lituanicus is a database which contains several
Latin-Lithuanian dictionaries published between the 17th and 21st
centuries, with various smart search abilities as well as scanned
facsimiles of the original editions.

To give a brief summary, Latin words in this resource can be found not
only as in the usual computer dictionaries, but also by their
morphological or prosodic criteria. For example, you can find all
tetrasyllabic interjections; all feminine nouns of the fourth declension;
all semi-deponent verbs; all adjectives starting or ending with specified
letters whose metrical shape is dactylic, or iambic, or any other; and so
on. Having such word lists carefully extracted from a large dictionary can
be useful for studying and research into Latin philology, composing Latin
verse, and so on.

If you know Lithuanian, you can also use the Lithuanian meaning of a Latin
word as a search criterion. A more detailed description of the
specifically Lithuanian sides of this project, as well as on the
individual dictionaries, can be read on the Lithuanian pages.



Neven Jovanovic
Department of Classical Philology
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Zagreb
Hrvatska / Croatia

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