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        Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 10:07:28 -0700 (PDT)
        From: Laval Hunsucker <amoinsde at yahoo.com>
        Subject: Re: [Humanist] 26.417 assessments

Andrew Prescott this morning :

> How do we get to the point where we regard the digital object as a
> cultural touchstone like the book?

Ineluctable question, perhaps.

A spontaneous reaction.

To start with, minimally :  by endowing it with ( something like )
the nature of an *actual* object, hence at least enabling for us the
development of a direct affinity ?  By obviating, accordingly, the
inevitability of machine mediation ?  Or, failing ( that impossible ? )
obviation, by effectively dissimulating such inevitability as well as,
of course, such mediation ?

But what if any are our prospects for success, any time soon ?  As
far as that goes, Kenny's "one more heave" might actually turn out
to be a rather tall order.

> It may be that we have underestimated the importance of the
> hardware here.

May be. But, at the same time, what I keep seeing all around me,
at least, looks like a whole lot of relative *over*estimation of the
importance of hardware (and of software, for that matter).  And
it doesn't seem to me that one has to be even a quasi-Luddite, or
to be an exponent of technological "servitude", in order to credit
such impressions.

Might I add that Rovira's remarks on this question this morning
struck me as highly judicious and appropriate ?

- Laval Hunsucker
  Breukelen, Nederland

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