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  [1]   From:    Claire Clivaz <Claire.Clivaz at unil.ch>                     (68)
        Subject: Call for Participation: SocInfo 2012 (Early Registration
                Deadline: October 31, 2012)

  [2]   From:    "Secretariat at isast.org" <secretariat at isast.org>          (104)
        Subject: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries
                International Conference

  [3]   From:    S Barry Cooper <pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk>               (130)
        Subject: Turing Year October 17 update

  [4]   From:    Ray Siemens <siemens at uvic.ca>                             (30)
        Subject: Nordic Digital Humanities

        Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:59:14 +0200
        From: Claire Clivaz <Claire.Clivaz at unil.ch>
        Subject: Call for Participation: SocInfo 2012 (Early Registration Deadline: October 31, 2012)

International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo2012)
LAUSANNE, December 5-7, 2012

*** Early Registration by October 31, 2012 ***


The Fourth International Conference on Social Informations (SocInfo 
2012) is focusing this year on how technology can influence social 
phenomena through better motivation of human agents, through the use of 
social norms, through better modeling, or through a better understanding 
of social concepts like trust, credibility, privacy, and fairness. 
SocInfo 2012 will be held at EPFL in Lausanne, a young engineering 
school that has grown in many dimensions, to the extent of becoming one 
of the leading European institutions of science and technology. The 
mission of Socinfo 2012 is to provide an interdisciplinary venue for 
researchers from Computer Science, Informatics, Social Sciences and 
Management Sciences to share ideas and opinions, and present original 
research work on studying the interplay between socially-centric 
platforms and social phenomena. The conference program will reflect this 
in the keynote talks, tutorials, workshops and paper sessions addressing 
emerging topics which attract interdisciplinary research attention. 

The conference will be preceded by two workshops on December 4, 2012, 
the First international workshop on Just-in-time Sociology JITSO 2012 
and the EINS Workshop on Internet Trust, Reputation, Identity and 
Privacy. On December 7, afternoon the FutureICT flagship initiative will 
organize a special session.

In addition, there will be a social program that covers reception and a 
banquet in the pre-Christmas ambiance of Montreux for participants to 
know one another better and to appreciate the local environment.  With a 
good combination of work and fun, SocInfo 2012 hopes to foster 
collaboration among the social informatics researchers as well as to 
demonstrate the relevance of their research to a wider community.

The conference receives support from Nokia Research, The European 
Network of Excellence in Internet Science and the LARC Living Analytics 
Research Center.

The online registration of SocInfo2012 is now open. The early-bird full 
and student registration fees are *** CHF 550 and CHF 290 *** 

We strongly encourage early registrations at: 
The early registration deadline is *31 October 2012*.

The program highlights include:


About the Why? and the How? of psychologically plausible agents
Andreas Ernst, University of Kassel

Big Data and the Attention Economy
Bernardo Huberman, HP Research

From Computational Social Science to Socio-Inspired Technology to 
Artificial Societies
Dirk Helbing, ETH Zürich

Human activity and mobility patterns: measurements, models, and 
Vittoria Colizza, INSERM, Paris

Supporting sociological theories with social media data mining
Luca Aiello, Yahoo! Research Barcelona, Spain

Online Social Experiments with nodeGame
Stefano Balietti, ETH Zürich

More information about the program can be found at the conference 

Student Travel Support
The SocInfo 2012 organizing committee invites applications for small 
grants to help cover the travel expenses and registration. The award 
grant has kindly been made available by the previous SocInfo organizers. 
 Please check out http://www.socinfo2012.com/registration/#support

Learn more at http://socinfo2012.com

        Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 22:48:59 +0300
        From: "Secretariat at isast.org" <secretariat at isast.org>
        Subject: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference

We invite you to submit a paper /abstract /poster /workshop to the 5th
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference
(QQML2013), 4 - 7 June 2013, "La Sapienza" University, Rome Italy. 
Abstract submission deadline: 20 December 2012.

First Call of Proposals QQML2013

Dear Colleagues, 

 It is our great pleasure to announce the 5th Qualitative and Quantitative
Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2013) at 4 - 7 June 2013,
"La Sapienza" University, Rome Italy: http://www.isast.org/qqml2013.html 
Since 2009 QQML has provided an excellent framework for the presentation of
new trends and developments in every aspect of Library and Information
Science, Technology, Applications and Research. 

The 5th QQML2013 was scheduled during the previous 4th QQML2012 Conference.
It was also decided that the 6th QQML 2014 International Conference will be
organized in Istanbul, Turkey.

QQML2009, QQML2010, QQML2011 and QQML2012 were successful events both from
the number and quality of the presentations and from the post conference
publications in Journals and Books. 

QQML2013 will continue and expand the related topics.

Papers are invited for this international conference. The conference will
consider, but not be limited to, the following indicative themes:

1. Bibliographic Control 
2. Bibliometric Research
3. Change of Libraries and Managerial techniques
4. Changes in Learning, Research and Information needs and Behaviour of
5. Climate Change Data
6. Communication Strategies
7. Data Analysis and Data Mining
8. Development and Assessment of Digital Repositories 
9. Development of Information and Knowledge Services on the Public Library 
10. Digital Libraries 
11. Economic Co-operation and Development
12. Energy Data and Information 
13. Environmental Assessment 
14. Financial strength and sustainability
15. Health information services
16. Historical and Comparative case studies related to Librarianship
17. Information and Data on various aspects of Food and Agriculture 
18. Information and Knowledge Services
19. Information Literacy: Information sharing, Democracy and Lifelong
20. Library Cooperation: Problems and Challenges at the beginning of the
21st century
21. Library change and Technology 
22. Management
23. Marketing
24. Museums, Libraries and Cultural Organizations
25. Music Librarianship 
26. Performance Measurement and Competitiveness 
27. Publications
28. Quality evaluation and promotion of info 
29. Technology & Innovations in Libraries and their Impact on Learning,
Research and Users
30. Technology transfer and Innovation in Library management
Special Sessions - Workshops

You may send proposals for Special Sessions (4-6 papers) or Workshops (more
than 2 sessions) including the title and a brief description at:
secretariat at isast.org or from the electronic submission at the web page:

You may also send Abstracts/Papers to be included in the following sessions,
to new sessions or as contributed papers at the web page:

Contributions may be realized through one of the following ways 

a. structured abstracts (not exceeding 500 words) and presentation; 
b. full papers (not exceeding 7,000 words);
c. posters (not exceeding 2,500 words);
d. visual presentations (Pecha kucha). These presentations consist of
exactly 20 slides, each of which is displayed for 20 seconds.  Total
presentation time is precisely 6 minutes 40 seconds and so it is important
to use the transition feature in PowerPoint to time your presentation
In all the above cases at least one of the authors ought to be registered in
the conference. Abstracts and full papers should be submitted electronically
within the timetable provided in the web page:

The abstracts and full papers should be in compliance to the author
guidelines: http://www.isast.org/abstractregistration.html 
All abstracts will be published in the Conference Book of Abstracts and in
the website of the Conference. The papers of the conference will be
published in the website of the conference, after the permission of the

Student submissions

Professors and Supervisors are encouraged to organize conference sessions of
Postgraduate theses and dissertations.

Please direct any questions regarding the QQML 2013 Conference and Student
Research Presentations to: the secretariat of the conference at:
secretariat at isast.org  

On behalf of the Conference Committee 

Dr. Anthi Katsirikou, Conference Co-Chair
University of Piraeus Library Director
Head, European Documentation Center
Board Member of the Greek Association of Librarians and Information
 <mailto:anthi at asmda.com> anthi at asmda.com 
Professor Carla Basili, Local Co-Chair
EnIL - The European network on Information Literacy, co-ordinator
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Istituto di Ricerca sull'Impresa e lo Sviluppo sede di Roma
via dei Taurini, 19 - 00185 Roma, Italy

        Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 00:26:15 +0100 (BST)
        From: S Barry Cooper <pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk>
        Subject: Turing Year October 17 update

A number of Turing Year events still to come in what is left of October:

But before looking at these in detail, some quite special news:

1) The UK governmant is announcing some special support for Bletchley
Park. We are told: "The Foreign Secretary will be visiting Bletchley Park
this month to demonstrate the UK's commitment to supporting the work of
the Bletchley Park Trust and will be making an announcement about a number
of GCHQ initiatives. He will be accompanied by Director GCHQ, Iain

Here is an MK News report of this important development:

2) Meanwhile, creative member of the TCAC, David Link, has won the first
Tony Sale Award, for his Love Letters program run on a 1951 Ferranti:

This is fascinating work, see: http://alpha60.de/loveletters/2009_zkm/ and

3) And Andrew Hodges confirms that he is helping the Pet Shop Boys with a
special Turing project:

We first heard about this on Radio 2, via John Wood from Leeds. Andrew
replied to our query: "This is quite correct - I am helping Neil Tennant
and Chris Lowe with the Turing project they announced last month. They are
writing music which will go with words selected from my book."

Back to listed events:

4) This week we have lectures by Andrew Hodges: "Alan Turing: Not Just a
Beautiful Mind", at the Royal Society on October 17:

and by Rod Downey in New Zealand on "Alan Turing, the Birth of Computing,
the Power of Mathematics", on Thursday 18 October.

5) With the film "Codebreaker" having an extended US premiere across a
number of cities, Washington DC on 17th (all tickets sold); New York City
on 25th; and San Francisco on November 1st - for details of all of these

Washington Blade has a nice feature, focusing on film-producer Patrick
Sammon: http://www.washingtonblade.com/2012/10/11/tragic-hero/

6) Next week we have the "International Symposium: The Alan Turing legacy"
in Madrid, October 23-24, 2012: http://bit.ly/LOr7Jk

with an impressive list of speakers, including international invitees
Leslie Valiant, Gerald Sacks, David Pearce, Georg Gottlob and Nigel Smart.

7) On October 26-27, 2012 we have another major event: "Turing under
Discussion" which is the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for
Logic and Philosophy of Science SSLPS, at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland:
Speakers include: Barry Cooper, Jack Copeland, Martin Davis, Juraj
Hromkovic, Ueli Maurer, Stewart Shapiro, Christof Teuscher and Wolfgang

8) And then we have 3 fabulous events of general interest - on the
artistic front there is the BLINC Digital Arts Festival 2012 in Conwy,
Wales, October 27-28, 2012:
with a lot of Turing interest.

In particular, Anna Dumitriu, the curator of the touring Turing Centenary
Exhibition "Intuition and Ingenuity: An exhibition to celebrate the Turing
Centenary" will be exhibiting a selection of Artworks at the Festival. The
exhibition features an eclectic mix of artworks all inspired by the Alan
Turing legacy. Anna says: "See http://www.turingcentenaryarts.eu for more
information on the exhibition and http://blincdigital.com/ for more
information on the festival."

The BCS focuses on BLINC 2012 and Alan Turing's impact on art with a nice
item "Computer Art Image of the Month", at:

9) The Manchester Science Festival 2012 has a number of special Turing
centenary event, at various venues:

A favourite is "Spirals Count" with Jonathan Swinton:

Erinma Ochu (Turing's Sunflower Project Manager) points us to the Turing's
sunflower webpage for counting events going on in the next few days.

See also the code-breaking event 27-29 October, organised with GCHQ.

10) Also in Manchester, not to be missed, is a remarkable programme of
Turing-inspired music by composer Barry Truax, details at:
It is on October 28 at the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, University of

11) Yet more great Alan Turing events from Turing Year in Hong Kong. While
we were travelling, the publicity for events including a showing of
"Codebreaker" in Hong Kong came to us via Loke Lay, so here it is, very


Also from Loke Lay and Hong Kong colleagues comes audio recording of a
grand performance of her "Turing Song" performed by Hong Kong celebrity
soprano Eli Fung:

We also have the score with words in Chinese and English:

12) From ERCIM News we have a Special Themed Issue on "What is Computation
- Alan Turing's Legacy":
It includes an engrossing selection of Turing-related articles, guest
edited by Gilles Dowek and Samson Abramsky. Included is a Keynote
contribution from Andrew Hodges on "The Impact of Alan Turing":

13) The "Turing In Context II" meeting in Brussels last week was fabulous
by the way, no end of interesting and unusual perspectives on Turing, his
contemporaries and legacy - for a nice photo of participants see:

14) Spenta Wadia writes: "I would like to bring to your attention a
Turing Centenary event of the International Centre for Theoretical
Sciences (ICTS) of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (in

"Professor Sydney Brenner will deliver the ICTS Turing Centenary
Lecture titled "The Architecture of Biological Complexity", on 18th
October 6pm at the J.N. Tata Auditorium of the Indian Institute of
Science in Bangalore. The link to this event is
http://www.icts.res.in/home/ "

15) How about this from Chicago - "Chicago gets lesson in LGBT history
with new open-air museum" - it's a report of the official opening of the
'Legacy Walk' honouring a number of iconic LGBT figures, with a special
place for Alan Turing:

16) From Google Developers, more on the artistic impact with "GDL
Presents: Van Gogh Meets Alan Turing":

As we approach November, some of us have been talking about what we should
do to carry forward the remarkable impact of the Alan Turing Year. One
basic suggestion concerns the ATY website as a possibly ongoing source of
information about activities relating to the Turing legacy. This seems to
be a valuable idea, perhaps rebranding the website "The Alan Turing
Legacy", and keeping it up-to-date with latest information. Any
suggestions very welcome.

 ALAN TURING YEAR                           http://www.turingcentenary.eu
 ASSOCIATION COMPUTABILITY IN EUROPE      http://www.computability.org.uk
 Email:                                               pmt6sbc at leeds.ac.uk
 Facebook:       www.facebook.com/pages/The-Alan-Turing-Year/199853901070
 and    http://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Alan-Turing-Year/100000473465821
 Twitter:                               http://twitter.com/AlanTuringYear

        Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 21:53:19 +0000
        From: Ray Siemens <siemens at uvic.ca>
        Subject: Nordic Digital Humanities

Call for Papers: Digital Humanities
Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies
103rd Annual Meeting
May 2-4, 2013, San Francisco Hilton Hotel, Financial District

Digital methods in the Liberal Arts have shifted from being a sideshow to a central act in the scholarly engagement with human culture. Though humanists and social scientists have used computation in their work for many decades, the amount of both digitized data and degree of algorithmic sophistication makes the present moment a crucial one for bringing together expertise and exchange of ideas in this area. Since our field studies nations with high levels of technical development and strong investments in large-scale digital cultural heritage projects, we face a special challenge in ensuring our methodologies are sophisticated enough to tackle a coming flood of Nordic "big data." As part of the Annual Meeting of SASS, we are soliciting proposals on the subject Digital Humanities, broadly considered. We anticipate any of the following focus areas would be appropriate, and also welcome other topics and approaches as relevant:

*    Literary and linguistic text mining
*    Digital folkloristics /computation for cultural heritage domains
*    Stylometrics
*    GeoSpatial / GIS / digital cultural mapping
*    Digital multimodal / new media studies
*    Algorithmic image analysis/ film analysis
*    TEI, XML, and other forms of semantic markup
*    Digital editions or online scholarly editions
*    Corpus query engines / information retrieval for cultural analytics
*    Digital humanities, pedagogy, and the college curriculum
*    Corpus linguistics / Internet linguistics
*    Computational linguistics / Natural language processing
*    Computational social media analysis
*    Consumer platforms and new modes of reading, viewing, listening, and translating content
*    Digital methods in the humanities, arts, and social sciences
*    Theories of digital humanities and critical inquiry into the quantification of humanities research
*    Tutorials and introductory information presentations suitable also for those with an interest in learning more about Digital Humanities but who have limited experience in the area.
*    We also encourage proposals from researchers in computer science, informatics, and statistics, with the caveat that such presentations frame their work with a clear connection to the Nordic Humanities, Social Sciences, or the Arts.

These papers will be assembled into an in-conference seminar, or Topic Stream, which links multiple papers on this topic. We anticipate a variety of formats for the panels in the Digital Humanities Stream and ask that contributors clearly specify which format they are most interested in, though we cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.

*    Traditional: four 15-minute papers or three 20-minute papers
*    Flash: six ten-minute papers
*    Poster: visual displays on board or computer monitor
*    Roundtable: discussion on a subtopic, or summary panel

We expect to draw on submissions to the Digital Humanities Stream for a subsequent peer-reviewed publication, either as a special issue of a journal, an edited collection, or as an open access web-publication. We encourage interested participants to reference ways in which they foresee developing their conference contribution into a possible publication. Send 500-word abstracts with a short biographical note by November 30 to Peter Leonard pleonard at gmail.com<mailto:pleonard at gmail.com>; Cissi Oversdotter Alm coagla at rit.edu<mailto:coagla at rit.edu>, Tim Tangherlini tango at humnet.ucla.edu<mailto:tango at humnet.ucla.edu>, or Anna Stenport aws at illinois.edu<mailto:aws at illinois.edu>. A copy should also be sent to the conference committee at sass2013 at berkeley.edu<mailto:sass2013 at berkeley.edu>.

For more information about SASS 2013 or the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, please visit:http://www.scandinavianstudy.org/site/.

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