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  [1]   From:    Domenico Fiormonte <domenico.fiormonte at gmail.com>         (34)
        Subject: Alan Turing conference in Rome

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        Subject: Hawaii TCC 2013: Apr 16-18, Call for Proposals &

        Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 12:40:36 +0200
        From: Domenico Fiormonte <domenico.fiormonte at gmail.com>
        Subject: Alan Turing conference in Rome

“Alan Turing's Legacy” / "L'eredità di Alan Turing"

University of Roma Tre, Facoltà di Lettere, 12- 13 October 2012

The aim of this conference is twofold: on one hand we want to discuss
the real Alan Turing, his true projects, his scientific and technical
objectives, his philosophical inspirations, his agenda, and the
scientific contemporary groups who influenced and were influenced by
his work. On the other hand we wish to analyze what is still alive of
Turing’s inheritance and which are the fields, that are still inspired
by his insights. The speakers - some of which have researched in the
same areas that Turing pioneered - will be asked to respond to the
questions about how much they were influenced by Turing's results, but
also which are the eventual negative influences that Turing's
multifarious achievements and their standard interpretations caused in
their views.

We will try to describe and map the actual presence of Turing's
results in many different research fields such as Computer Science,
Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Machine Intelligence, Biology etc. In order
to fulfill this goal we need an interdisciplinary perspective in order
to understand the different, sometimes opposed, interpretations of his
results. The reconstruction of the reasons for the standard
interpretations (not always correct, and often partial with reference
to the richness of Turing's thoughts) of some of his most famous
results is crucial to understand his importance not only as a scholar
but also as a symbolic presence in the history and philosophy of
science and technology.

Friday, October 12, Aula Verra, Philosophy Dept. - Faculty of
Literature and Philosophy, University of Rome Three - Via Ostiense 234
- 00146 Rome (Line B - Stop Marconi)

Saturday, October 13, Aula 2, Sapienza University of Rome, Villa
Mirafiori - Via Carlo Fea, 2 - 00161 - Rome (Line B, Stop Bologna + 10
minutes walk)

Conference website and abstracts:

Contact details Teresa Numerico tnumerico at uniroma3.it

        Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 09:11:21 -0400 (EDT)
        From: lachance at chass.utoronto.ca
        Subject: Hawaii TCC 2013: Apr 16-18, Call for Proposals & Presentations

Aloha, please consider submitting a proposal for a general, student or
paper session for TCC 2013. Cheers, -bert

18th Annual
April 16-18, 2013


Submission deadline: December 17, 2013

Please consider submitting a proposal for a paper or general session
relating to all aspects of educational technology, including but not
limited to e-learning, OER, ICT, online communities, social media,
augmented reality, educational gaming, faculty & student support, Web 2.0
tools, international education and mobile learning.



Bert Kimura <bert at hawaii.edu>

TCC Hawaii and LearningTimes collaborate to produce this event. Volunteer
faculty and staff worldwide provide additional support.

- Bert Kimura for TCC 2013 Conference Team

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