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Dear Willard, All

I do not know if the attendance at DH2012 was the highest ever, but it was certainly the highest in recent years - well over 500 in the end. The submission rate was also extremely high (393 in total) across all strands (long papers, short papers, posters, panels, pre-conference workshops and tutorials, but thanks to some masterful management by our conference hosts in Hamburg, led by Jan Christoph Meister, we were able to keep acceptance rate at or slightly above recent levels. I have just returned from Hamburg full of enthusiasm for the wonderful reception we received, and for the quality of the presentations (please excuse my clear bias here), which fully lived up to the conference theme of 'Digital Diversity: Cultures, languages and methods'. I will leave it to others to report on the new regional and national initiatives which emerged at the conference, but the DH community is clearly developing in new and exciting ways, and it is particularly exciting to see non-Anglophone groups develop a stronger presence on the international DH stage.

For those of you who were not able to attend, you may like to know that videos of the keynotes and lectures will soon be posted to the conference website (many are already there). Please see the following links on the conference website for more information:

General information http://www.dh2012.uni-hamburg.de/
Conference programme (including links to videos): http://www.dh2012.uni-hamburg.de/conference/programme/

If you weren't there or didn't follow the live stream, I particularly recommend you look out for the keynote speeches by Professor Claudine Moulin and Professor Masahiro Shimoda, both outstanding in their own way.

There was also extensive tweeting on #dh2012 and a student assistants' blog at http://digitalhumanities2012.wordpress.com/

All the best
Paul Spence

Paul Spence
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> Allow me to observe, while DH2012 bubbles energetically on the other side
> of the world, the completeness of this (Downunder) morning's
> postings: a question exactly of the kind Humanist was designed to foster; a
> job advertisement; and an announcement of a new book in the field. The
> only missing kind of item (an event) is too busy happening to be
> represented, but in time, I trust, we'll get aftermaths of it. In case you have
> not noticed, the website for DH2012
> (http://www.dh2012.uni-hamburg.de/) is being frequently updated and
> contains some live feeds as well as fast-breaking news. Am I correct in
> thinking that attendance has exceeded all previous conferences in the field?
> Yours,
> WM
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