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        Subject: Handbook of Visual Research Methods

Eric Margolis and Luc Pauwels, eds., The SAGE Handbook of Visual 
Research Methods (2011).

This book captures the state of the art in visual research. Margolis and 
Pauwels have brought together, in one volume, a unique survey of the 
field of visual research that will be essential reading for scholars and 
students across the social sciences, arts and humanities.

The SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods encompasses the breadth and 
depth of the field, and points the way to future research possibilities. 
It illustrates 'cutting edge' as well as long-standing and recognized 
practices. This book is not only 'about' research, it is also an example 
of the way that the visual can be incorporated into data collection and 
the presentation of research findings. Chapters describe a methodology 
or analytical framework, its strengths and limitations, possible fields 
of application and practical guidelines on how to apply the method or 

The Handbook is organized into seven main sections:

-- Framing the Field of Visual Research
-- Producing Visual Data and Insight
-- Participatory and Subject-Centered Approaches
-- Analytical Frameworks and Approache
-- Visualization Technologies and Practices
-- Moving Beyond the Visual
-- Options and Issues for Using and Presenting Visual Research

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