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After a few weeks away, I wanted to quickly respond to the great comments circulated by others:

Willard (26.94) says: “Could we then say that the principle of the two-way traffic between at least some disciplines of the humanities and CS is centred on this concrete actualizing of abstract ideas?”  My answer: YES. And, this point brings me to another distinction that I’d like to venture: a difference between the philosophy of aesthetics and the sociology of aesthetics (the latter of which sees aesthetics as located in the interaction with an object, and not purely internal to the object itself). 

This takes me to Jim’s concluding observation (26.108) that Daniel’s distinction of different ways of thinking about aesthetic computing all nevertheless come down to “writing code”…if even “writing code for the sake of writing code”. I’m struck, here, by the emphasis on “writing”. Could we “build code” instead? Could aesthetic computing give us new analogies for thinking about code creation and interventions? If writing narrative can go hypertext, could code also be non-linear? (NB: these are questions from a non-programmer!)

Best to all,

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