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        Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 07:34:43 -0400
        From: Ryan Cordell <r.cordell at neu.edu>
        Subject: Announcement: "Get Started in Digital Humanities with Help from DHCommons" Workshop at #mla13

Dear Humanist Colleagues,

This workshop probably isn't aimed at most of you, but if you're in a 
language or literature department and have DH-curious colleagues or 
graduate students, please pass it on to them. We're aiming to attract 
scholars currently outside the big DH tent, so feel free also to repost 
to other websites, listservs, and bulletin boards. I'm happy to answer 
any questions you might have.


Ryan Cordell | Assistant Professor of English | Northeastern University 
| r.cordell at neu.edu | rccordell at gmail.com | twitter: @ryancordell

MLA Workshop: Get Started in Digital Humanities with Help from DHCommons
Thursday, 3 January 2013, 8:30am-12:30pm

At the 2012 MLA, conference attendees packed many sessions on the 
digital humanities (DH), reflecting the growing interest in this domain. 
Yet many newcomers to digital humanities lack opportunities to connect 
with the DH community, get help from experienced practitioners with 
conceptualizing and launching a project, or begin building the skills 
they need to realize their projects. This four-hour preconvention 
workshop welcomes language and literature scholars who wish to learn 
about, start, or join digital scholarly projects for research and/or 

Representatives of major digital humanities projects and initiatives 
will share their expertise on project design, outline available 
resources and opportunities,and lead small-group training sessions on DH 
technologies and skills. Experts will come from projects such as 18th 
Connect, Hypercities, Neatline, NINES, Scalar, TAPoR, and the Women 
Writers Project, as well as theAssociation for Computers and the 
Humanities and the NEH's Office of Digital Humanities. You can learn 
more about our experts at http://dhcommons.org/mla2013-experts. Workshop 
participants will leave with a plan for getting started in the digital 
humanities and a resource for connecting to scholars and projects in 
their disciplines.

To that end, this four-hour preconvention workshop welcomes scholars who 
wish to pursue or join digital scholarly projects but do not have 
institutional infrastructure to support them. The workshop will build on 
the model developed for and tested at the 2012 MLA Convention in 
Seattle. DHCommons (http://www.dhcommons.org), which was launched at 
that event, connects innovative scholars with mentors and opportunities 
for collaboration, and increases the community of participants for 
established projects and centers.

When and where: This workshop will be held 8:30am-12:30pm on the first 
day of the MLA Convention (Thursday, January 3rd, 2013). It will be 
hosted at Northeastern University (www.northeastern.edu), blocks from 
the convention center.

Sponsors: The workshop is co-sponsored by centerNet, the Northeastern 
University Centers for Digital Humanities and Computational Social 
Science, and the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education 

Organizers: Ronald R. Bernier (Wentworth Institute of Technology), Ryan 
Cordell (Northeastern University), Rebecca Frost Davis (NITLE), 
Christopher Dickman (St. Louis University), Quinn Dombrowski (UC 
Berkeley), Laura Mandell (Texas A&M University), Paul Schacht (SUNY 
Geneseo), Lisa Spiro (NITLE)

Application Process
Scholars will apply in advance for the 2013 workshop using the form at 
http://dhcommons.org/mla2013. Applications should either 1.) outline a 
digital project the scholar would like to undertake or 2.) suggest the 
type of project on which he or she would be interested in collaborating. 
The workshop aims to help new digital humanists find exciting work; thus 
applications will not require scholars to have a fully-developed project 
idea. The DHCommons Board---with the help of NITLE and centerNet---will 
select up to 50 scholars from the pool of applicants.

Application and Deadlines
Review of applications will begin on October 1, 2012. The review board 
will consider applications and accept participants on a rolling basis 
until the workshop is full. Those whose applications were received by 
October 1 will be notified by October 16, 2012.

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