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Dear all,

On behalf of ADHO’s constituent organizations, I’d like to thank Ray for
the two splendid years he has served as Chair of the Steering Committee.
During this time, ADHO has grown substantially and flourished remarkably,
in no small part due to Ray’s dedication, vision, diplomacy, and grace
under pressure approaching that of a Zen Master.

Although there may be no adequate way to thank Ray for his service, we have
arrived at least one inadequate way by providing a bursary of $500 to help
a student of his choice attend next year’s Digital Humanities Summer
Institute, the landmark training program that Ray has done so much to build
and foster.

We are also delighted to say that Ray will continue to work with us as the
newly appointed Chair of ADHO’s Conference Coordinating Committee.



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>         From: Ray Siemens <siemens at uvic.ca>
>         Subject: Updates from the ADHO Steering Committee
> Dear Colleagues,
> At the annual conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities
> Organisations (ADHO; http://digitalhumanities.org/) in Hamburg this past
> July -- a very successful and engaging gathering (
> http://www.dh2012.uni-hamburg.de/) -- ADHO's Steering Committee met to
> regenerate itself, as it does on an annual basis, as part of its larger
> meeting to plan and coordinate its activities.  Those activities include
> its coming annual conference in Lincoln NB (http://dh2013.unl.edu/), a
> network of inter-related DH training initiatives, a number of sponsored
> gatherings, as well as coordinated infrastructure, publishing, and research
> enterprises.
> As outgoing Chair of the Steering Ctte myself (coming into the position of
> chair of the Conference Coordinating Ctte), it is my great pleasure to
> welcome Neil Fraistat as incoming Chair and the new officer and committee
> leadership members of our ADHO Steering Ctte group:
>   . David Beavan as Membership Services Coordinator
>   . Kathleen Fitzpatrick as Chair of our Publications Ctte
>   . Julia Flanders as Secretary
>   . Chris Meister as Chair of our Infrastructure Ctte
>   . Lisa Spiro as Communications Officer
>   . Glen Worthey as Deputy Secretary
> I'd also like to extend heartfelt thanks to all members of the SC for
> their great service, and particularly those officers and ctte chairs
> outgoing this year:
>   . Lorna Hughes, who did double-duty as Secretary and Membership Services
> Coordinator for several years (!!)
>   . John Unsworth, most recently as Chair of our Conference Coordination
> Ctte
>   . Dan O'Donnell, Chair of the Publications Ctte
>   . Dot Porter, who, through the Publications Ctte, was our webmaster for
> years!
> And, this, by no means to overlook the essential and excellent work done
> by many of our community on the whole and in special roles -- like Chris
> Meister as our conference's local host, Paul Spence as this year's
> conference programme chair; Kay Walter and Bethany Nowviskie, as they
> assume those roles, respectively, for the coming year; and those editing
> and leading our journals and other enterprises that serve and serve to
> characterise the ADHO community of digital humanists.  Truly, there are
> many to thank!  A listing of current Steering Ctte members is found at
> http://digitalhumanities.org/administration/steering, and all those
> involved in ADHO's activities can be found via
> http://digitalhumanities.org/administration.
> With all best wishes for a positive, productive academic year,
> Ray
> About ADHO: ADHO (http://digitalhumanities.org/) is an umbrella
> organisation whose goals are to promote and support digital research and
> teaching across arts and humanities disciplines, drawing together humanists
> engaged in digital and computer-assisted research, teaching, creation,
> dissemination, and beyond, in all areas reflected by its diverse
> membership. ADHO supports initiatives for publication, presentation,
> collaboration, and training; recognises and supports excellence in these
> endeavours; and acts as an community-based consultative and advisory force.
> In doing so, ADHO embraces and coordinates activity across five constituent
> organisations and around the world.  Members in ADHO societies are those at
> the forefront of areas such as textual analysis, electronic publication,
> document encoding, textual studies and theory, new media studies and
> multimedia, digital libraries, applied augmented reality, interactive
> gaming, and beyond. We are researchers and lecturers in humanities
> computing and in academic departments such as English, History, French,
> Modern Languages, Philosophy, Theatre, Music, Computer Science, and Visual
> Arts. We are resource specialists working in libraries, archival centres,
> and with humanities computing groups. We are academic administrators, and
> members of the private and public sectors. We are independent scholars,
> students, graduate students, and research assistants. We are from countries
> in every hemisphere.  Membership in ADHO organizations is by subscription
> to Literary and Linguistic Computing (LLC).
> ____________
> R.G. Siemens, English, University of Victoria, PO Box 3070 STN CSC,
> Victoria, BC, Canada. V8W 3W1.
> Clearihue C315 & B043b  P:250.721.7255  F:250.721.6498 siemens at uvic.ca
> http://web.uvic.ca/~siemens/

Neil Fraistat
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