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        Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 15:56:41 +0100
        From: Shawn Day <day.shawn at GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: New MA in Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork

The new Masters programme in Digital Arts and Humanities at UCC is open for
applications up to Sept 1st.

Students on the programme will seek to discover what it is to be human in
the digital age, and the answers will help to shape how we see ourselves and
others in an age where humanity is becoming increasingly connected by
ubiquitous technology.

The MA programme serves to introduce students to this field, and lay
foundations for research or careers which use digital tools to address the
creative questions of the arts & humanities.

The DAH MA is not a computer science course, it is geared towards
introducing Arts and Humanities graduates to the use of appropriate digital
tools to address research questions in their disciplines. It lays the
foundations for work on capturing, reading and writing sources in digital
form, and using them for analytic and creative work.

The programme will provide a grounding in how digital tools can be used to
capture humanities data sources in electronic form, using standards based
tools (TEI, XML, SQL Etc.) to frame research questions, collaborate on
research using social networking tools, and present results both in print
and on the web using current standards based presentation technologies. The
course will survey core debates on the nature of digital arts and
humanities, collaborative research practices, digital analysis of complex
problems, digital pedagogy and simulations and games.

Our perspective in UCC is that Digital Arts and Humanities is an exciting
interdisciplinary field which creates new knowledge, and explores new
methods for teaching and research.  It is an example of international
collaborative best practice in the design and delivery of DAH is crucial to
generating a new generation of critically engaged digital natives with a
combined foundation in humanities and technology.

For more information and registration application particulars please browse


or directly to:

Programme Coordinators

Dr Mike Cosgrave, School fo History, UCCm.cosgrave at ucc.ie

Dr Orla Murphy, School of English, UCC
o.murphy at ucc.ie

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