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  [1]   From:    Shawn Day <day.shawn at GMAIL.COM>                           (44)
        Subject: Post-Doc Opportunities in Linked Data and Heritage

  [2]   From:    Robert Barrick <rbarrick at STANFORD.EDU>                    (23)
        Subject: Stanford Humanities Center Fellowship Opportunities 2013-14

        Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 09:29:56 +0100
        From: Shawn Day <day.shawn at GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: Post-Doc Opportunities in Linked Data and Heritage

The third annual call [1] of Post-doctoral contract within the International
Programme for Attracting Talent (Picata) offers 10 post-doctoral positions
(two years contract) to work in a joint program between Universidad
Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In the context
of this call, the Ontology Engineering Group at UPM [2] is looking for well
motivated Post-docs, who would like to carry out research on Linked data for
managing multilingual cultural heritage resources. These individuals will be
able to work in a group with a multicultural background, large experience in
research, active participation in international R&D projects and with a good
publication and innovative software development record.

These positions are open to researchers holding a PhD, independently of
their nationality. The process for applying to these 2-year positions
requires them to contact a research group before submitting the proposal and
making a proposal for a 2-year research project. These applications are
evaluated according to the research profile of the candidate, to the quality
of the research proposal and to the quality of the research group in which
they are willing to carry out their research. The minimum salary will be
33.250€, starting in January 2013.

Requirements for candidates are:

	• Have obtained a doctorate degree during the eight years preceding the
date of publication of the notice.

	• Accredit the contribution of prior scientific activity: have at least
six accepted publications of the JCR, except in scientific technological
areas in which the minimum is four and have participated in at least one
project in a competitive research university, company or industry.

	• Be less than 40 years at the time of publication of the notice.

	• Comply at least one of the following requirements:

		• Doctors who meet the conditions for Marie Curie Mobility Program of
the existing Framework Programme of the European Commission, ie Researchers
must not have made a major activity research in Spain for more than 12
months in the last three years.

		• Doctors who don ́t have spanish nationality and have developed a PhD
outside Spain.

		• Doctors of any nationality who have completed their research in a
different country of their own nationality for at least 24 months.
Candidates Heritage cluster that period shall be 12 months.

Official deadlines for both calls are October 5th (15:00 CET). If you are
interested, please contact asun at fi.upm.es before September 15th, 2012.
Please note that Spanish is not required, and English material is available
for those interested in applying [1].

Asuncion Gómez-Pérez

[1] http://www.campusmoncloa.es/en/calls/picata/international-call-post-doctoral-contracts- 2012.php

[2] http://www.oeg-upm.net/

        Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 14:57:00 -0700
        From: Robert Barrick <rbarrick at STANFORD.EDU>
        Subject: Stanford Humanities Center Fellowship Opportunities 2013-14

Announcement of Faculty Fellowships at the Stanford Humanities Center

External Faculty Fellowships

The Stanford Humanities Center provides a collegial environment for 
faculty who are undertaking innovative projects in the humanities and 
humanistic social sciences.  Fellows participate in the intellectual 
life of the Humanities Center and the broader Stanford community, 
sharing ideas and work in progress with a diverse cohort of scholars and 
benefitting from a wide variety of campus resources.

Fellowship term: September 2013 -- June 2014
Application deadline: October 1, 2012


Applicants must have a PhD and should be at least three years beyond 
receipt of the degree by the start of the fellowship term. The Center is 
open to projects employing information technology in humanities 

For full eligibility requirements, see 

How to Apply
Detailed instructions and a link to the online application are available 
at: http://shc.stanford.edu

External Faculty inquiries: shc-fellowships at stanford.edu

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