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  [1]   From:    "Scullard, Susan" <susan.j.scullard at kcl.ac.uk>            (87)
        Subject: Digital Research 2012 - Registration Open

  [2]   From:    Adam Crymble <adam.crymble at gmail.com>                      (9)
        Subject: DH Thesis animation contest (PhD Comics)

        Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 11:48:53 +0100
        From: "Scullard, Susan" <susan.j.scullard at kcl.ac.uk>
        Subject: Digital Research 2012 - Registration Open

Digital Research 2012

10-12 September 2012
St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK


Digital Research 2012 is being held in St. Catherine’s College, Oxford,
10-12 September 2012. We have an exciting 3-day programme including New
Science of New Data, Smart Spaces, Open Science, Web Archiving,
Cybersecurity and Responsible Digital Research - plus the launch of the
Software Sustainability Institute's Fellows programme and the UK
e-Infrastructure Academic Community Forum. We're excited to bring you an
exciting set of thought-leading keynote speakers including Jim Hendler,
Noshir Contractor, Stevan Harnad, Kieron O'Hara, Stefan Staab, Peter Coveney
and Peter Murray-Rust, with additional guests featuring in roundtables on
"Digital Research Futures" and "A revolution in social data: current hype or
future history?"  Please visit the Digital Research 2012 website
http://digital-research.oerc.ox.ac.uk/ to register.

NB An important element of Digital Research 2012 is the showcase of research
activities from across the community, as well as glimpses into the future of
digital research. We're keeping submission open for short (1200-1500 words)
contributions until 13th August, so if you've not submitted already it's not
too late (please see the call below).

We look forward to seeing you in September to share the latest developments
in digital research and set the agenda for tomorrow!

The Digital Research 2012 Team


Call for Contributions

Digital Research practice, tools and infrastructures have been embraced by
researchers across all disciplines. In sciences and humanities, from big
data analytics to citizen scholarship, we are harnessing our new digital
capabilities ranging from the Web and new devices to e-Infrastructure, High
Performance Computing and the Cloud. While adoption and investment grow the
community continues to innovate. The goal of Digital Research 2012 is to
showcase today’s digital research practice and innovation, and to set an
influential agenda for tomorrow.

This year we are inviting contributions under the themes of "Digital
Research Innovation Showcase" and "Digital Research Futures". The scope is
the broad digital research ecosystem, which includes digital research
applications in any discipline (sciences, digital humanities, creative and
performing arts), tools, methods, practice, all aspects of e-Infrastructure,
the research environment, digital curation, data management policy and
practice, analytics, modelling, simulation, open science, open data and
software, linked data, automation, standards, long tail and citizen science,
knowledge infrastructure, sustainability, research communication,
reproducible research, learning, training (e.g.  data science curriculum),
design and responsible innovation.

Call for Contributions: Digital Research Innovation Showcase

Digital Research 2012 will be showcasing the state of the art in Digital
Research. We invite short papers presenting your Digital Research project,
emphasising innovative Digital Research practice, tools, resources and
outcomes.  Please indicate your preferred presentation format: oral, poster,
demo or video.

The submission format is a 3 page (1200-1500 words) extended abstract. All
submissions will be peer-reviewed for their original contribution to the
state of the art.  Submissions for oral presentation may be accepted instead
for poster presentation. All accepted abstracts will be made available in
the online proceedings.

Call for Contributions: Digital Research Futures

This year’s theme is the Future of Digital Research. We invite short
papers, stories and videos giving your glimpse of “Digital Research in the
Future” in (and between) any disciplines. We encourage originality and
forward- thinking, and there will be awards for the best-rated submissions.

These glimpses of our Digital Research Future may be based on your current
research and should draw on your insights and vision. Short papers set out
your view on the evolution of some aspect of the digital research ecosystem.
Stories and videos could address the above with alternative narratives like
“a day in the life” of a researcher or mock-up media coverage, and your
submission should include a rationale for your vision, and include
references, to assist with peer review.  Creativity is definitely

The submission format is a 3 page (1200-1500 words) short paper. All
submissions will be peer-reviewed for their original contribution to the
Digital Research agenda.  Position papers and stories may be accepted either
for oral or poster presentation at the conference. All accepted papers will
be made available in the online proceedings.

Please submit your abstracts and short papers via EasyChair by 13th August
2012 – further instructions, and information about special sessions and
collocated workshops, can be found on the website
http://digital-research.oerc.ox.ac.uk http://digital-research.oerc.ox.ac.uk/

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King’s College London
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Tel: +44 (0)20 7848 2931
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Email: digitalhumanities at kcl.ac.uk

        Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 14:09:11 +0100
        From: Adam Crymble <adam.crymble at gmail.com>
        Subject: DH Thesis animation contest (PhD Comics)

Dear Distinguished Fellow Digital Humanists!

As you may or may not have heard, academic cartoonist Jorge Chan (PhD Comics - http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php) is offering to animate a two minute talk of a PhD student's thesis and turn it onto a video. The entry with the most votes will be animated by Chan. I've put my talk into the hat, which discusses how my research uses distant reading to understand historical immigration.

I believe my entry is the only one in the Digital Humanities category, and I'd be very honoured to have your votes. If not for me, than for digital humanities!


Please do pass this along to colleagues, as well as any kittens or puppies who have unique IP addresses and might like to show their support.

Thank you kindly,

Adam Crymble
PhD Student, King's College London
Department of Digital Humanities & History

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