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  [1]   From:    Frederic Kaplan <frederic.kaplan at epfl.ch>                 (73)
        Subject: Just-in-time sociology 2012

  [2]   From:    Peter Flynn <pflynn at ucc.ie>                               (16)
        Subject: XML Summer School, Oxford

        Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 18:42:07 +0200
        From: Frederic Kaplan <frederic.kaplan at epfl.ch>
        Subject: Just-in-time sociology 2012

Dear colleagues,

The Just-in-time Sociology workshop call for paper is now on-line 

You can already signal your intention to submit an article by writing an 
email to contact at jitso.org.

Best regards,

Frederic Kaplan.
Professor in Digital Humanities, EPFL


JITSO 2012
First international workshop on Just-in-time Sociology

4th December 2012. EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

(Just before Soc-info 2012)

No attendance fee.

JITSO 2012 will gather the most significant international researchers 
that try to understand social phenomena as they unfold, mining their 
digital traces. We would like to present studies focusing on large-scale 
social movements ("Arabic Spring Revolutions", London riots, 
electoral campaigns, big controversies) as well as studies investigating 
new everyday social dynamics (analyses of photographic flux on Facebook, 
social dynamics in on-line games, etc.). The aim of the workshop is to 
draw a global map of the tools, methods and first results of this 
emerging field.  One session will be dedicated to the presentation of 
data mining tools for analyzing streams of texts and images.

JITSO 2012 will be organized through an experimental open and public 
reviewing process, using WordPress as a central platform for publishing 
and reviewer articles and for designing the structure of the workshop 

Contribution types

JITSO 2012 welcome two types of (short) contributions

- Research notes (max 2000 words) discussing briefly a particular 
research case or an on-going project.

- Tool presentations (max 1000 words) showing (possibly with a 
video/pictures) the relevant use of a tool for Just-in-time sociology.

With the choice of these two short formats, we encourage submissions 
from a broad audience of researchers, covering most of the emerging 
topics of just-in-time sociology. After the workshop, a selection of 
these research notes will be developed in 2013 into full acamedic 
articles, published in a special issue of an international journal.

Submission and reviewing process

All submission will be submitted as WordPress Posts on jitso.org. We 
encourage inclusion of animations, video in the article. References can 
be added at the end of submission or directly as URL links.

The whole reviewing process will be made public.


1. Signal your intention to submit an article by writing an email to 
contact at jitso.org. Add a short note explaining you research background 
and current research topic. Deadline : 10 September 2012

2. The editor send you an invitation to become contributor on the 
jitso.org platform.

3. Write your article in the wordpress interface. Send a mail to 
contact at jitso.org when it is ready to be published. Deadline : 24 
Septembre 2012

4. The editor assigns to your article three referees that will write 
public comments about your article. The article is published on the 
jitso.org website with the mention "under discussion". Referees 
publish their comments within two weeks and then discuss with the 

5. Based on the discussion, the authors modify their article. Once they 
find it is ready, they send a mail to contact at jitso.org stating that 
their article is ready for the Program Committee discussion.  Deadline : 
29 October 2012

6. Program Committee Discussion : The purpose of the program committee 
discussion is to decide about the program of JITSO 2012. This discussion 
is restricted to the members of the PC but, for transparency, it will 
take the form of recorded video discussion using a tool like Google + 
HangOut. The video discussion with be recorded and posted on 
thejitso.org website. Following the discussion, the official program 
will be announced.

7. Workshop day : The workshop will take place at EPFL in Lausanne. Some 
contributors and attendants could also follow it remotely. All 
presentations will be recorded and posted on the jitso.org website.

        Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 18:23:57 +0100
        From: Peter Flynn <pflynn at ucc.ie>
        Subject: XML Summer School, Oxford


The XML Summer School has been running in Oxford for over a decade
(http://xml.summerschool.com). Several past attendees have been from
publishing, academic, and specifically Humanities backgrounds (including
Julianne Nyhan). Each year we redevelop the curriculum to reflect
changes in the technology as well as changes in the demands of people
who use it.

Would KCL -- specifically the School or your Department -- be interested
in becoming a Sponsor of the Summer School? The rich mix of backgrounds
among the attendees means a wide exposure to sponsors' organisations:
City University London and Loughborough University as well as MarkLogic
and oXygen are already benefitting from this.

The Course Director, Dr Lauren Wood, or the Founder, Prof John Chelsom,
would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Peter Flynn

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