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Sent on behalf on Tom Mullaney, Assistant Professor of History, Stanford 
University (tsmullaney at stanford.edu)

  * * *

*Dissertation Reviews is seeking dynamic scholars in the humanities and 
social sciences to help broaden our innovative scholarly network.*

/Dissertation Reviews/ (www.dissertationreviews.org 
 http://www.dissertationreviews.org ) is a web platform featuring 
friendly, non-critical overviews of recently defended Ph.D. 
dissertations. Each review provides a summary of the author's main 
arguments, the particular scholarly conversation in which s/he is 
engaging, and the main source bases for the research. By focusing on the 
window of time between dissertation defense and first book publication, 
our goal is to offer scholars a glimpse of the /immediate present /of 
each field. Such awareness, we feel, leads to more dynamic, informed, 
collegial, and innovative scholarly communities.

We are looking for dynamic, early- to mid-career scholars to help us 
bring /Dissertation Reviews/ to new disciplines and fields in all areas 
of the humanities and social sciences.


As a Field Editor, you would collaborate closely with the editorial 
staff to develop a new branch of /Dissertation Reviews. /Specifically, 
you would:

- Work with editorial staff to learn about recently defended 
dissertations in your field
- Liaise with dissertation authors and reviewers in your field
- Draw upon and expand your knowledge of the field in order to pair 
dissertations with appropriate reviewers
- Act as the public face of /Dissertation Reviews /within your 
- Collaborate with your fellow /Dissertation Reviews /editors in other 
fields to help continually improve and enhance the overall project

*Eligible Candidates*

All early- and mid-career faculty, post-doc, and advanced Ph.D. students 
in the humanities and social sciences are eligible to apply.

As the the ideal candidate, you are:

- Committed to the development of ever more dynamic, collegial, and 
innovative scholarly communities
- Enthused by the idea of becoming more informed about current, 
cutting-edge research in your field
- Responsible and reliable
- A professional, consistent communicator
- An active member of your field's scholarly networks (i.e., 
conferences, listservs, etc.)

*Eligible Areas*

All fields, disciplines, and areas in the humanities and social sciences 
are eligible. As part of the application process (details below), we ask 
that you recommend a particular area, field, or discipline that you 
believe would benefit from, and contribute to, the /Dissertation Reviews 
/network. There is /no restriction whatsoever on focus/, only on scope: 
we ask that the proposed rubric be "medium-sized" - i.e., not too large, 
not too small. Recent successful recommendations include South Asian 
Studies, Religious Studies, Russian History, English Linguistics, and 
Science Studies, among others. And there's no need to have the rubric 
perfected from the start: we will collaborate with you to help determine 
the ideal thematic, theoretical, temporal and spatial contours of the 
new branch.

*Application Items*

Please email us at dissertationreviews at gmail.com 
<mailto:dissertationreviews at gmail.com> with following items:

- Brief Statement addressing:
- the field/discipline/area you are applying to help develop and edit
- how and why the scholars and scholarship in this field would, in your 
opinion, benefit from and contribute to the /Dissertation Reviews /community
- how your own background and credentials speak to the eligibility items 
listed above
- CV (2 pp. or less)

*Further Information*

To learn more about /Dissertation Reviews/, our editors, and our 
contributors, please visit us at www.dissertationreviews.org 

Thomas S. Mullaney
Assistant Professor
Department of History
Stanford University

Department Page: 

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