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Dear Willard,

On 10/15/2011 1:26 AM, Virginia Knight wrote:
> I suspect many collective nouns were thought up by someone in a
> light-hearted moment and put on a list of collective nouns, then
> circulated on such lists from then until now, but have never really been
> used because there has been no need for them.  For example some of the
> many collective nouns for birds apply to species that are not gregarious.

There are actually, as I understand it, two different collective nouns 
for deans.

As John Unsworth remarks, there is a "gripe of deans", which would be a 
small number. This would be no more than five or six, more likely three 
or four; but even two deans can make a gripe.

However, if the number grows large (from eight or nine on up), they 
become a "remonstrance".

Whether deans have been known to be so gregarious (or indeed whether 
they or anyone else has a need for a collective noun for themselves), I 
am not actually sure, but maybe Dean Unsworth can say.


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