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        Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 09:44:30 -0400
        From: Doug Reside <dougreside at gmail.com>
        Subject: Digital Humanities Programmer Job at NYPL

Digital Humanities Programmer at the New York Public Library

Position Description:
External Overview:

Us? A small, creative team at the heart of one of the world's great
cultural institutions: exploring new technologies, imagining the
future of research.

You? A maker and experimenter. Able to build, test and debug in rapid
iterations. Excited by deep archives and interested in figuring out
ways to breathe new life into them digitally. Convinced that public
institutions have a role to play in shaping the information age. Game
to help reinvent a 100+-year-old organization.

Users? An entire city, and also a vast array of thinking people around
the world. NYPL is an incubator for books, technologies, businesses
and works of art. Thousands of scholars, writers, artists, students,
workers and job seekers use our reading rooms, databases and archives
to pursue vectors of thought and creation. Our digital collections are
accessed through web browsers around the world.

External Responsibilities:

Day to day: You’ll work at NYPL’s landmark central branch on 42nd
Street, collaborating with curators and librarians on digital
collections projects, developing dynamic interfaces and applications,
experimenting with amazing library data sets, using and contributing
to open source software, organizing public symposia and code camps,
attending conferences and meetups, and dreaming up the next big

Current NYPL Labs project areas range across the following:

    developing new interfaces and tools exposing archival materials
    crowdsourcing tools and games for enhancing library collections
    e-reading technologies for browsers and mobile devices
    data mining and visualization
    geospatial (modeling cultural history through old maps)

*Got side projects? Not a problem. NYPL offers a fast-paced but humane
work culture, leaving you time to live, play and create outside of the
office. Artists, hackers, writers, musicians... we all work at the

Position will report to the Manager of NYPL Labs within the Library's
Office of Strategic Planning, and will also work closely with the NYPL
web development team and Senior Manager for Web Initiatives.

External Qualifications:

    Comfortable with both GUI IDEs, such as XCode or Visual Studio, as
well as command line tools
    Excellent knowledge of Javascript, including frameworks and
techniques such as AJAX, JQuery and/or Prototype
    Expert level HTML and CSS skills
    Demonstrated experience building with a scripting language
    Demonstrated experience working with dynamic content in
template-driven web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Drupal, etc.
    Knowledge of source code/version control software, test driven
development, and Agile processes a major plus
    Knowledge in development of mobile applications on Android or iOS a plus
    Experience with building large-scale distributed applications and
architectures using Java or C/C++ another plus
    Project based experience with open source creative coding
frameworks such as Cinder or openFrameworks would be excellent
    Clear, acute writing style (there will be blogging and potentially
other writing opportunities)
    Ability to work well with others, but also to build things by
yourself (though not afraid to ask for help)
    Bachelor's degree in Web Development, Computer Science, Digital
Design, or a related field (or equivalent professional experience) is
    Degree/experience/interest in a humanities field a plus
    Passion for libraries, archives and open source/open access culture a must

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