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  [1]   From:    Judith Winters <judith.winters at YORK.AC.UK>                (50)
        Subject: Internet Archaeology 'Open' for Open Access week!

  [2]   From:    Andrew Jewell <ajewell at unlnotes.unl.edu>                  (56)
        Subject: Scholarly Editing: Call for Editions and Essays

        Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 11:41:01 +0100
        From: Judith Winters <judith.winters at YORK.AC.UK>
        Subject: Internet Archaeology 'Open' for Open Access week!

Internet Archaeology is going totally 'Open Access' for duration of Open
Access Week, 24-30 October.

The e-journal Internet Archaeology has been a hybrid Open Access journal for
over a year, and it is our wish to move fully towards a sustainable Open
Access (OA) model. I hope therefore that this event will both demonstrate
our serious efforts in this direction as well as give potential authors (in
whose hands the journal's future really lies) the opportunity to view the
range of material IA can publish. I'd like to encourage all authors to
include OA fees in future research funding applications wherever possible. 

What we've done/are doing

.         Following negotiations, JISC Collections has purchased the full
suite of Internet Archaeology content on behalf of UK higher and further
education institutions, which means that their members have permanent access
to 15 years of rich multimedia scholarly content.

.         All reviews and editorials in Internet Archaeology have always
been Open Access.

.         We have also had success more recently in attracting articles with
OA funding either via authors' departmental research committees, government
agencies or University library OA funds.

.         But at current levels, this is still not enough to replace our
existing subscription income (which still provides the main means of
covering our costs i.e. one full-time member of staff and production
overheads) which would allow us to make the full transition to Open Access.
However the proportion of uptake of the OA option will be continually
monitored and subscriptions to the journal will be reviewed annually in
light of this uptake while we make the transition.

What can you do?

o   Are you applying for research funding? Where possible, include OA costs
in your application. Just approach me at the earliest possible stage with
your publication idea so that costs can be calculated.

o   Have you already finished your research/project and looking for a
publication outlet? Increasingly university departments and research
libraries have publication and/or OA funds. Investigate these options and
again let me know of your plans at the earliest opportunity.

Please feel free to circulate this announcement as widely as possible.



Judith Winters
Editor, Internet Archaeology, University of York
  http://intarch.ac.uk/  http://intarch.ac.uk
Twitter: @IntarchEditor
Times Higher Education University of the Year 2010


        Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 09:42:00 -0500
        From: Andrew Jewell <ajewell at unlnotes.unl.edu>
        Subject: Scholarly Editing: Call for Editions and Essays

Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the Association for Documentary
Editing (www.scholarlyediting.org)


2013 Issue

Edition Proposals

As part of our commitment to publish the scholarly work of editors, we
invite proposals for rigorously edited digital small-scale editions to
be published in the peer-reviewed, open-access, digital journal,
Scholarly Editing. Proposals should be approximately 1000 words long
and should include the following information:

1) A description of content, scope, and approach. Please describe the
materials you will edit and how you will approach editing and
commenting on them. We anticipate that a well-researched apparatus (an
introduction, annotations, etc.) will be key to most successful

2) A statement of significance. Please briefly explain how this
edition will contribute to your field.

3) Approximate length.

4) Indication of technical proficiency. With only rare exceptions, any
edition published by Scholarly Editing must be in XML (Extensible
Markup Language) that complies with TEI (Text Encoding Initiative)
Guidelines, which have been widely accepted as the standard for
digital textual editing. Please indicate your facility with TEI.

5) A brief description of how you imagine the materials should be
visually represented. Scholarly Editing will provide support to
display images and text in an attractive house style. If you wish to
create a highly customized display, please describe it and indicate
what technologies you plan to use to build it.

Please send proposals as Rich Text Format (RTF), MS Word, or PDF to
the co-editors via email no later than December 15, 2011 for
consideration for the 2013 issue. After December 15, proposals will be
considered for future issues.


Scholarly Editing welcomes submissions of articles discussing any
aspect of the theory or practice of editing, print or digital. Please
send submissions via email to the editors and include the following
information in the body of your email: 1) Names, contact information,
and institutional affiliations of all authors; 2) Title of the
article;  and 3) Filename of article. Please omit all identifying
information from the article itself. Send proposals as Rich Text
Format (RTF), MS Word, or PDF; if you wish to include image files or
other addenda, please send all as a single zip archive. For questions
of style and citation format, please consult the current edition of
The Chicago Manual of Style. Submissions must be received by April 1,
2012, for consideration for the 2013 issue. Please, no simultaneous
submissions. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Amanda Gailey
Department of English
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
agailey2 at unlnotes.unl.edu

Andrew Jewell
University Libraries
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
ajewell at unlnotes.unl.edu

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