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        Subject: Sharing Interactive Digital Storytelling Technologies, ICIDS 2011 Workhsop - CFP

	Sharing Interactive Digital Storytelling Technologies

	     Workshop to be held in conjunction with the
4th international Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS'2011)

		  Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 28., 2011

		    Submissions due: Oct. 28, 2011

  This workshop is organized in the context of the European Project IRIS.


The Interactive Digital Storytelling (IDS) field has produced numerous
research prototypes over the last years. These prototypes cover
several different technological domains, including drama management;
human computer interaction; language understanding and generation;
behavioral modeling; 3D rendering, modeling and animation.

Research in this field usually focuses on one specific area. However,
it is often the case that other dimensions need to be integrated with
one's core contribution to provide the end-user with a whole
experience that can be assessed.
As a consequence, researchers in IDS tend to become "one-person
bands", trying to unite being scientists in multiple fields, being
engineers in an array of domains, and being developers at home with
many technologies and processes.

This workshop aims at moving the field towards increased sharing of
* first, by increasing the community's awareness of this issue;
* second, and more importantly, by gathering key players around
  the table to develop concrete strategies to share their technologies.

This will enable participants to:
  - Become informed of existing IDS-related components and available
  - Share technologies that have been developed in their research
    labs or companies;
  - Identify key obstacles and find the best way to organize the
    scaffolding for and the actual sharing/integration of IDS
    technologies within the research community.

Before and during the workshop, the contributions and findings will be
collected on the workshop website, which will gather existing
technologies from participants and other actors in the IDS community.


All correspondence should be addressed to: nicolas.szilas [at] unige.ch.

The workshop is organized around three types of participants:

 - Technology providers, with technology developed by their research
   labs or companies available for sharing;
 - Software integrators, with visions on how to technically organize
   the sharing of IDS-related components and with success and flop
   stories of community processes;
 - Users, with needs and intention to use third-party IDS components
   and middleware within their own scientific, product, and/or
   artistic development.

If you want to participate as a speaker, please submit an e-mail

 - The type of participant that best corresponds to your position (see
 - A short position paper (see below), specifying your specific
   contribution and role in the process of sharing IDS technologies;
 - Whether you wish your paper to be published on the workshop's

Non-speaker participants can register from now on, by e-mail.

The workshop is free of charge, but the number of participants is
limited by room capacity.

People who cannot attend the workshop but do want to contribute may
also submit a position paper, which will be published, if accepted, on
the workshop's website.


Position papers should be submitted in PDF format.

A descriptive title and specification of the author(s) name(s)
and affiliation(s) should be provided.

Contributions should not exceed two DIN-A4 or US-letter pages in
length, and be typeset in at least 10-point font.  Bibliographic
records supplied should be verified with care for completeness and
correctness and include any available DOIs and/or URLs.


Based on the outcomes of the workshop, the organizers intend to either
invite participants to co-authorship of an overview journal article or
edit a special journal section/issue to which participants will be
invited to contribute.
The website will be maintained after the workshop, offering a forum
for further discussions.
These results will feed into the future meetings on this key


Submission deadline: 28 October, 2011
Notification of acceptance for presentation: 2 November, 2011
Workshop: 28 November, 2011


Nicolas Szilas, TECFA-FPSE, University of Geneva (nicolas.szilas [at] unige.ch)
Thomas Boggini, TECFA-FPSE, University of Geneva
Paolo Petta, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, OFAI


All correspondence should be addressed to: nicolas.szilas [at] unige.ch.

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