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        Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 17:07:31 +1000
        From: Desmond Schmidt <desmond.schmidt at qut.edu.au>
        Subject: RE: [Humanist] 25.377 software for apparatus
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Hi Drew,

Perhaps you might also try to reduce Word's memory requirements. If, for example, you have "track changes" on, you should turn it off. Switching off anything else that might chew up memory, e.g. loaded dictionaries, spell-checking etc. might also be a good idea. You might also try saving the file out to rtf and then reloading. This might clear out any redundant data structures resulting from editing. Who knows how these formats work? (Well, Microsoft does, but they're not telling). Word is a familiar program but was not really designed for this specialised task. So it doesn't surprise me that it struggles.

Desmond Schmidt
Information Security Institute
Faculty of Science and Technology
Queensland University of Technology

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