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Thank you for the response, Willard -- I hadn't thought of my question from
the point of view of  the effect of the humanities upon someone with a
background in the sciences.  But I believe that's a good answer.  The
humanities should haunt the sciences and remind them of their limitations.

I'm trying to imagine what an undergraduate Digital Humanities degree or
concentration might look like, especially one that would lead to further
graduate study.  What I imagine so far includes:

1. Interdisciplinary knowledge of the humanities, so that the graduate has
grounding in literature, art, and history at least (Classics, British,
American, World).  Philosophy would integrated with the study of these three
2. One year of calculus
3. One programming language
4. .xml, .css. .php, .html (varieties)
5. Image and video editing
6. Familiarity with TEI and ICONCLASS
7. Sound editing?
8. Basic knowledge of the history of digital humanities and its uses across

Anything anyone would add, drop, modify, substitute?

Thank you,

Jim R

To reply somewhat tangentially to a recent question asked on Humanist (James
> Rovira's, in 25.278), I think in just this way about the best sort of
> background for students who wish to study the digital humanities: of an
> educational background that will continually haunt them with the
> inadequacies of whatever computing can come up with, as a driving force to
> greater understanding.
> Comments?
> Yours,
> WM

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