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        Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 23:12:28 +0100
        From: Drew Longacre <drewlongacre at YAHOO.COM>
        Subject: Apparatus Programs

[The following forwarded from the list for the Society for Textual Scholarship. Please copy any replies to Drew Longacre, drewlongacre at yahoo.com. --WM]

Dear textual scholars,

I've been compiling an extensive textual apparatus and commentary for the Hebrew text of the Genesis Flood Narrative in a Microsoft Word document, but recently I have run into several technical problems. The file is heavy laden with many footnotes, symbols, and foreign language texts and fonts, and Word does not seem to be able to handle the load. For a while it ran extremely slow. Then it started opening only sporadically. And now it has stopped displaying the fonts because of insufficient memory, even though I have over 2 GB of RAM available! I've even broken the file down into numerous smaller files, but to no avail.

So the questions for those experienced in compiling electronic apparatuses are:

1) Has anyone else encountered similar problems with Microsoft Word, and does anyone have any tips for more efficient use of the program?

2) What other programs are available that you recommend for recording extensive critical apparatuses and notes?


Drew Longacre

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