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        Subject: jobs in Qatar

[The following has been sent to me by Anil Chagani 
<anil.chagani at aqueousglobal.com>, who has been hired by the Qatari 
Museums Authority "to build 9 world-class museums and research centres. 
The organisation has a significant budget to research, preserve and 
document the region’s heritage." In the first instance they're looking 
for a Director for a Digital Humanities Research Centre, but Mr Chagani 
would also welcome hearing from those interested in the following positions:

2. Metadata Specialists (Print and Digital);
3. Digital Curator;
4. Librarian for Digital Research&  Scholarship;
5. Knowledge Integration&  Emerging Technologies Librarian (KIETL);
6. LAMPP Developer.

The job-description for the Director's position is included below. Interest should be expressed to Mr Chagani directly. --WM]

Position: Director
Department: Digital Humanities Research Center
Reports to: Director, National Museum of Qatar
Supervises: Digital Curator, Research Librarians, Archivist, Knowledge Integration & Emerging Technologies Librarian, Instructional Technologist, Community Outreach Specialist, Metadata Specialists, Social Network Specialist 

The Director of the Research Center provides vision and leadership for the research activities and digital output of Qatar’s 21st century museums. This position will work closely with Qatar’s community of experts to build comprehensive research collections for intensive study of the nation of Qatar onsite and in virtual spaces. This position provides direction and support for digital initiatives and has broad institutional impact developing and refining the Museum’s digital strategic plan in close collaboration with senior leadership. The Director plays a pivotal role in shaping the research environment, information interaction and museum experiences. The Director will oversee the development of the first digital humanities research center in the region and will supervise and mentor creative exploration and re-application of data for enhanced exploration; requiring active study and intellectual discourse of digital humanities and contemporary museums with a specific focus on exhibiting culture. Implementation of enterprise-wide content management and visualization systems will figure prominently in this work and requires participation and close collaboration with all museum staff, departmental work groups, committees, and task forces. The dynamic nature of technology requires the Director to be current in technology trends and support the professional development of the research center’s staff. The Director must continue to develop current innovations and pursue new ones. The Director must maximize the use of the Museum’s digital assets, protect them, and deploy them creatively to enhance research, education, and the physical and virtual visitor experiences. 
-- Must have expertise in strategic planning 
-- Must possess expertise in translating museum collections into digital experiences 
-- Must be dynamic, creative and proven leader 
-- Must be able to demonstrate previous success in a mentorship capacity 

Qualifications: MLS/MLIS from an ALA-accredited institution or equivalent. Masters of Arts in Museum Studies or equivalent. Demonstrated knowledge of emerging technologies as well as experience successfully integrating those technologies within the museum context. Ability to collaborate effectively with all levels of museum staff and the Qatar community at large. Appreciation of diversity. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a multicultural work environment and community setting. A sustained record of professional and scholarly activities. Commitment to fostering a diverse workplace and building a diverse workforce and to supporting professional development and training for employees at all levels. 

Minimal Competencies: 
1. Communication – Communicates effectively one-to-one, in small groups and in public speaking contexts; writes concise, well-organized emails, letters and proposals while using appropriate vocabulary and grammar. 
2. Computer Proficiency –Experience with integrated content management systems or digital repositories; software and hardware for digital humanities output; bibliographic utilities, web-based acquisition for collection management. Experience in information visualization and interactive narrative applications. Experience with spreadsheets and statistical software. 
3. Conceptual Ability - Deals effectively, not just with concrete tangible issues, but also abstract conceptual matters. 
4. Coach Ability - Receptive to feedback, open to change, seeks continuous improvement. 
5. Organization – Plans, organizes and schedules in an efficient, productive manner; anticipates contingencies and pays attention to detail; targets projects or initiatives that require special attention and focuses on key tasks when faced with limited time and/or resources. 
6. Efficiency/Dependability – Effectively performs duties and responsibilities; supports organizational policies; anticipates demands/pressures of assignments and adjusts accordingly. 

Preferred Qualifications: 
Capacity to thrive in the exciting, ambiguous, future-oriented environment of a world-class research institution and to respond effectively to changing needs and priorities. 10 years prior experience in an academic or research setting, preferrably in a musuem or within an applied laboratory of interactive visualization that includes personnel evaluation, budget preparation, and strategic planning. Professional commitment, evidenced through strong interest in local or national committee work, research, publication, etc. Ability to articulate and implement a philosophy of research service. 

Preferred Competencies: 
1. Energy/Drive - Exhibits energy and a strong desire to achieve. 
2. Problem Solving – Formulates realistic plans and contingencies and establishes appropriate measurements of anticipated results. 
3. Innovation/Creativity – Explores alternatives to existing products and services; identifies opportunities to improve procedures and practices; shows imagination. 

Professor Willard McCarty, Department of Digital Humanities, King's 
College London; Professor (fractional), University of Western Sydney; 
Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (www.isr-journal.org); Editor, 
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