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        Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 08:22:31 -0500
        From: "Rick Frank" <rickf at dufferinresearch.com>
        Subject: Semantic analysis, NLP & Sentiment Analysis

Good day all,

This is peripherally related to the list but I still think it is
appropriate to ask here.

I'm part of a consortium that is applying for FP7 funding via my
fledgling European company for a semantic tech API that can be used in
various contexts (perhaps even by humanists).

My own use would be for processing unstructured (verbatim responses) of
primary data in real-time & acting on it in a survey research context. 

My partners have other commercial end goals for the same underlying

We are looking for the RTD people now (research/tech/development) so are
seeking talented PHD Computer Sci. people highly skilled in working with

It is quite ambitious in scope so we need keen minds to accomplish what
we wish to achieve (if in fact it is achievable with the current tools

There is considerable funding in the proposal for this so some bright
but impoverished PHD students or recent graduates could really benefit
from this.

More senior people are also welcome but I am assuming that most of these
have quite enough work to do in their own fields of expertise.

Any recommendations made by anyone here would be much appreciated. 

Offline replies may be more appreciated by the list unless someone feels
productive discussions can be had about such things.


Many thanks

Rick Frank
rickf at dufferinresearch.com
President, Dufferin Research
2255 St Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, ON. K1G 4K3
(613) 730-4664 X 221 (ph)
(613) 730-2332 (fax)
(613) 204-1070 (mobile)


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