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        Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 14:13:50 +0000
        From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty at mccarty.org.uk>
        Subject: revolutionary?

I am looking for studies of whether computing has had revolutionary 
effects on any of the disciplines of the humanities. I'm not interested 
in articles that claim such effects, rather those that argue with 
evidence that they have happened, and preferably how and why. Good work 
has been done on the social effects and on those in the natural and 
social sciences, for example: 

Rob Kling, "Computerization and social transformations", Science, 
Technology & Human Values 16.3 (1991); 
Joel B. Hagen, "The Introduction of computers into systematic research in the 
United States during the 1960s", Studies in the History and Philosophy 
of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences 32.3 (2001); 
D. Hakken, "Computing and social change: New technology and workplace 
transformation, 1980-1990", Annual Review of Anthropology 22 (1993). 

These studies suggest very strongly that the question has no simple or 
straightforward answer, that this answer varies across disciplines and 
that it often has much to do with technological determinism ("impact" & 

How about the humanities?

Professor Willard McCarty, Department of Digital Humanities, King's 
College London; Professor (fractional), University of Western Sydney; 
Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (www.isr-journal.org); Editor, 
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