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        Subject: Essential JSP: Critical Insights into the World of Scholarly

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        Subject: Request to circulate CFP - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF

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        From: UTP Journals <thawkic551 at ROGERS.COM>
        Subject: Essential JSP: Critical Insights into the World of Scholarly Publishing

Essential JSP: Critical Insights into the World of Scholarly Publishing

The Journal of Scholarly Publishing, the authoritative voice of academic publishing for more than 40 years, introduces an informative new series.

Essential JSP: Critical Insights into the World of Scholarly Publishing brings together the essential articles from the Journal of Scholarly Publishing with new introductions, additional bibliographies, statistics tables and analysis of the state of scholarly publishing today.

This new series is available in print and online using PDF and flipbook technologies. Visit www.utpjournals.com/ejsp http://www.utpjournals.com/ejsp

Essential JSP on any device http://www.mygazines.com/issue/30806 !

This mobile ready edition allows you to read EJSP on your desktop and on many popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Torch and Android. This enhanced edition offers you easy access and navigation, bookmarking and annotations options, embedded links and video/audio and social sharing. You can also clip, save and print pages. Reading EJSP has never been better!

University Presses, the first volume in the new series, is compiled and edited by Albert N. Greco of the Fordham Business School. This 236-page volume examines the challenges faced by university presses and the importance of maintaining this sector of the publishing industry. Professor Greco gives a thorough analysis of the university press business—its past, its present and its future. His insights and projections for the future of university presses are supported by extensive statistical tables.

Volume 1 - University Presses
Introduction by Albert N. Greco
Prestige and the University Press by Steven E. Gump
Archie Turnbull and Edinburgh University Press by Alistair Mccleery and David Finkelstein
Ad Astra per Aspera: University Press of Kansas, 1946-2005 by Fred M. Woodward
Beacon’s Modern Era: 1945-2003 by Susan Wilson
Changing Author Relationships and Competitive Strategies of University Publishers by Barbara G. Jones
Great Expectations: What Authors Want from Publishers by Curtis L. Clark
The Golden Age of Scholarly Publishing by Trevor Lipscombe
Publishing ‘New’ Canons: The Aesthetics of Recovering Texts by Corie Schweitzer
Defining the Image of the University Press by William P. Sisler
Library Circulation of University Press Publications by E. Stewart Saunders
Repositioning University Presses in Scholarly Communication by Scott Bennett
The United Nations University Press by Amadio A. Arboleda
Creating a Consolidated Online Catalogue for the University Press Community by Joseph J. Esposito
Selected Bibliography

Upcoming volumes include:
Scholarly Publishing in Emerging Nations
Scholarly Journals
The Economics of Scholarly Publishing
Copyrights and Intellectual Property
E-Books and E-Readers
Journals: Print, Digital, Open Access, and
Search Engines
Libraries and Museums

To learn more about this exciting new series, please contact us.

University of Toronto Press - Journals
5201 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario M3H 5T8 Canada
Tel: (416) 667-7810  Fax: (416) 667-7881
journals at utpress.utoronto.ca
www.utpjournals.com/ejsp http://www.utpjournals.com/ejsp
www.facebook.com/utpjournals http://www.facebook.com/utpjournals

Journal of Scholarly Publishing
A must for anyone who crosses the scholarly publishing path – authors, editors, marketers and publishers of books and journals.

For more than 40 years, the Journal of Scholarly Publishing has been the authoritative voice of academic publishing. The journal combines philosophical analysis with practical advice and aspires to explain, argue, discuss and question the large collection of new topics that continuously arise in the publishing field.

The journal has also examined the future of scholarly publishing, scholarship on the web, digitalization, copyrights, editorial policies, computer applications, marketing and pricing models.

For submissions information, please contact
Journal of Scholarly Publishing
University of Toronto Press - Journals Division
5201 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON
Canada M3H 5T8
Tel: (416) 667-7810 Fax: (416) 667-7881
Fax Toll Free in North America 1-800-221-9985
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posted by T Hawkins, UTP Journals

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        From: "J. Stewart" <cfp at cscjournals.org>

ISSN: 2180-1266

Volume 3, Issue 1

Info. at http://www.cscjournals.org/csc/journals/IJCL/journal_cfp.php?JCode=IJCL
Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals) invites researchers, editors, scientists & scholars to publish their scientific research papers in an International Journal of Computational Linguistics (IJCL) Volume 3, Issue 1.


Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the statistical and/or rule-based modeling of natural language from a computational perspective. Today, computational language acquisition stands as one of the most fundamental, beguiling, and surprisingly open questions for computer science. With the aims to provide a scientific forum where computer scientists, experts in artificial intelligence, mathematicians, logicians, cognitive scientists, cognitive psychologists, psycholinguists, anthropologists and neuroscientists can present research studies, International Journal of Computational Linguistics (IJCL) publish papers that describe state of the art techniques, scientific research studies and results in computational linguistics in general but on theoretical linguistics, psycholinguistics, natural language processing, grammatical inference, machine learning and cognitive science computational models of linguistic theorizing: standard and enriched context free models, principles and parameters models, optimality theory and researchers working within the minimalist program, and other approaches. IJCL is a peer review journal and a bi-monthly journal.


CSC Journals anticipate and invite papers on any of the following topics:



      Comparative Surveys that Critique Previously Reports
     Models of Language Change and its Effect on Linguistics

      Computational Linguistics

      Models that Address the Acquisition of Word-order

      Computational Models

      Models that Combine Linguistics Parsing

      Computational Theories

      Models that Employ Statistical/probabilistic Grammar

      Corpus Linguistics

      Models that Employ Techniques from machine learning

      Formal Linguistics-Theoretic and Grammar Induction

      Natural Language Processing

      Information Retrieval and Extraction

      Quantitative Linguistics

      Language Generation

      Speech Analysis/Synthesis

      Language Learning

      Speech Recognition/Understanding

      Linguistics Modeling Techniques

      Spoken Dialog Systems

      Linguistics Theories

      Web Information Extraction/Mining

      Machine Translation

Important Dates - IJCL CFP - Volume 3, Issue 1.

Paper Submission: November 30, 2011 

Author Notification: January 01, 2012 

Issue Publication: February 2012 

For complete details about IJCL archives publications, abstracting/indexing, editorial board and other important information, please refer to IJCL homepage.


We look forward to receive your valuable papers. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at cscpress at cscjournals.org. Our team is committed to provide a quick and supportive service throughout the publication process.

J. Stewart
Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals)
B-5-8 Plaza Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: + 603 6207 1607, + 603 2782 6991
Fax:+ 603 6207 1697
Url: http://www.cscjournals.org

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