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        Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 14:14:14 +0000
        From: Tom Brughmans <tom.brughmans at yahoo.com>
        Subject: Reminder call for papers The Connected Past

Dear all,

A quick reminder of the 20 November 2011 deadline for the call for 
papers of 'The connected past: people, networks and complexity in 
archaeology and history', a two-day symposium at the University of 
Southampton 24-25 March 2012 (the two days before Computer Applications 
and Quantitative techniques in Archaeology 2012 in Southampton). 
Confirmed keynote speakers include Professor Carl Knappett, Professor 
Irad Malkin and Professor Alex Bentley.

Please find the full call for papers below and attached. Feel free to 
circulate this call for papers and the attached poster. More information 
on the event is available on the website: 

Best wishes,

Tom Brughmans, Anna Collar and Fiona Coward


The Connected Past: people, networks and complexity in archaeology and 

University of Southampton 24-25 March 2012
Organisers: Tom Brughmans, Anna Collar, Fiona Coward

Confirmed keynote speakers: Professor Carl Knappett, Professor Irad 
Malkin and Professor Alex Bentley

Over the past decade 91network92 has become a buzz-word in many 
disciplines across the humanities and sciences. Researchers in 
archaeology and history in particular are increasingly exploring 
network-based theory and methodologies drawn from complex network models 
as a means of understanding dynamic social relationships in the past, as 
well as technical relationships in their data. This conference aims to 
provide a platform for pioneering, multidisciplinary, collaborative work 
by researchers working to develop network approaches and their 
application to the past.

The conference will be held over two days immediately preceding the CAA 
conference (Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in 
Archaeology), also hosted by the University of Southampton 
(http://caa2012.org), allowing participants to easily attend both.

The conference aims to:
--      provide a forum for the presentation of multidisciplinary 
network-based research
--      discuss the practicalities and implications of applying network 
perspectives and methodologies to archaeological and historical data in 
--      establish a group of researchers interested in the potential of 
network approaches for archaeology and history
--      foster cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaborative work 
towards integrated analytical frameworks for understanding complex 
--      stimulate debate about the application of network theory and 
analysis within archaeology and history in particular, but also more 
widely, highlight the relevance of this work for the continued 
development of network theory in other disciplines

We welcome contributions addressing any of (but not restricted to) the 
following themes:
--      The diffusion of innovations, people and objects in the past
--      Social network analysis in archaeology and history
--      The dynamics between physical and relational space
--      Evolving and multiplex networks
--      Quantitative network techniques and the use of computers to aid 
--      Emergent properties in complex networks
--      Agency, structuration and complexity in network approaches
--      Agent-based modelling and complex networks
--      Future directions for network approaches in archaeology and 

Please email proposed titles and abstracts (max. 250 words) to:
connectedpast at soton.ac.uk by November 20th 2011.
Visit the conference website for more information: 

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