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        Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 21:26:47 +0100
        From: Nàdia Revenga <nadia.revenga at uv.es>
        Subject: ARTELOPE Database goes live with open access

ARTELOPE Database goes live with open access

The ARTELOPE research group, coordinated by Joan Oleza (University of 
Valencia, Spain), is pleased to announce that the ARTELOPE Database is 
available through open access at this direct link http://artelope.uv.es, 
or through the website of the TC/12 project, "Classical Spanish 
Theatrical Patrimony. Texts and Research Instruments", 

ARTELOPE was created from the perspective of applying new technologies 
to the Humanities and with the objective of contributing to the 
development of new tools for digital research in the Humanities. The 
database includes information and plots of an essential corpus of the 
Spanish theatrical patrimony that is very hard tackle from a general 
perspective due to its vast size: Lope de Vega's theatre.

The Project has evolved thanks to constant funding by Spain's R+D 
national programme since 2001 until today, and with the collaboration of 
26 researchers (out of 42 who have participated over its ten years of 
life) from various European, Latin American and Spanish universities.

At this stage, in which ARTELOPE has just gone live, any indications 
about technical errors, malfunctions or suggestions will be very much 
appreciated and welcomed. The webpage offers a service in order to send 
comments or suggestions to the ARTELOPE administrators.
The team coordinated by Joan Oleza hopes that, with this open-access 
webpage, all the efforts invested will contribute to enhance the study 
and knowledge of Spanish classical theatre in general and of Lope de 
Vega in particular.

Nàdia Revenga
Tècnic superior d'investigació
TC/12 Patrimonio teatral clásico español
Universitat de València

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