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        Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 13:06:52 -0200
        From: renata lemos-morais <renata at nomadesign.com.br>
        Subject: "the human sciences have yet to prove their worth"

"Earlier this year, Senator Tom Coburn published a report called “Under the
Microscope,” in which he criticized the funding of any research he couldn’t
immediately understand as important. Of particularly dubious value, in
Coburn’s opinion, are the behavioral and social sciences—including my own
field, psychology. Following his report, Coburn proposed eliminating the
National Science Foundation’s funding for these “human” sciences, writing:
“…do any of these social studies represent obvious national priorities that
deserve a cut of the same pie as astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth
science, physics and oceanography?” Mo Brooks, the chair of a congressional
panel considering such cuts, echoed this opinion. Brooks explicitly claimed
that the human sciences have yet to prove their worth"

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