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To tie a knot at the end of this thread, and make simpler Haines Brown's
last paragraphs, the term that has not appeared yet might the one that used
to be used to characterize the species that does all these things, writing
up pathetic fallacies included.  Viz., it used be that we called ourselves,
or one thinker called us: Homo faber. This name for us all encompasses a lot
of what has been sent out on this thread from the first.  The details in the
narrow case of the silicon cavetto that holds and sends electrons are
aspects of ourselves.  By the way, a neat obit for Mr. Jones appeared in
yesterday's LA Times, Mr Jones of Bell Labs, a Canadian from Nova Scotia who
with a colleague invented the digital means of making silicon something that
could do all these things.  His life makes a fine story.  An hour's
brainstorming one afternoon with colleague Smith, and the deed was done.
 Wonderful to contemplate.  He was 85; so all this is current stuff for us.
As for the tool, that may from the first sharpened flint be attributed to
what was once called: Homo ludens.
Jascha Kessler

Jascha Kessler
Professor of English & Modern Literature, UCLA
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