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        Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 08:45:53 +0200
        From: Edward Vanhoutte <edward.vanhoutte at kantl.be>
        Subject: DALF release: digital edition of correspondence material concerning the journal 'Van Nu en Straks'
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The Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies of the Royal 
Academy of Dutch Language and Literature is proud to present its first 
release through the Digital Archive of Letters in Flanders (DALF), the 
'Van Nu en Straks Brieven':  http://vnsbrieven.org . This fully 
eXist-driven web interface allows users to browse, search, view, and 
export the encoded letters or custom selections of letters in various 
formats: XHTML, XML, PDF. The letters can be visualized as reading text, 
diplomatic transcription, or XML source view, and facsimiles are offered 
where available.

Most of these 1500 letters are in Dutch (180 are in French), and all of 
them deal with the Flemish literary journal 'Van Nu en Straks' 
(1893-1901). The encoding of the letters follows the DALF Guidelines for 
the Description and Encoding of Modern Correspondence Material (see 
 http://www.kantl.be/ctb/project/dalf/ ), a customization of the TEI P4 

So far, all information in the edition is in Dutch. An English version 
of the edition interface is available at 
 http://vnsbrieven.org/VNS/?lang=en .

Ron Van den Branden
Bert Van Raemdonck
Edward Vanhoutte


Edward Vanhoutte
Coordinator Onderzoek&  Publicaties
Director of Research&  Publications

Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie - CTB (KANTL)
Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies
Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde
Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature
Koningstraat 18 | b-9000 Gent | Belgium
email: edward.vanhoutte at kantl.be
tel: +32 9 265 93 51 | fax: +32 9 265 93 49


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Anton van Wilderode. 'De moerbeitoppen ruischten. Documentaire varianteneditie met een kroniek van de genese door Edward Vanhoutte.' Gent: KANTL, 2010. 784 pp. - ill. ISBN 978-90-72474-82-7. € 45. Gebonden hardback uitvoering.

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