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I am pleased to announce that I have published on Kindle my translation with introduction and explanatory materials of Josef Klausner's:
  מה לעשות‪?‬  
המשבר בספרות העברית
(What should be done? The Crisis in Hebrew Literature)

Search for it as "what should be done the crisis".  If you do not have a Kindle or compatible item, you will be able to see it for free by July 1 on my website
https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/corre/www > New

This remarkable document was published just a century ago in Kraków to beg for the revivification of Hebrew by contributing a ruble a year to societies trying to achieve this goal; at the same time he marshaled arguments against using Yiddish or other European languages as the language of the Jewish people. At that time there were no native speakers of Hebrew. Compare that with today when most public libraries in the country have numerous English *translations* from Hebrew of novels by contemporary writers like David Grossman, and poets like Amichai.

Reminder: My edition of *The Jews' Synagogue* by J. Buxtorf is still available on Kindle.


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