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        Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 07:54:07 +0100
        From: Nicole Bremkens <nicole.bremkens at RUB.DE>
        Subject: Interdisciplinary Conference


Interdisciplinary Conference

Understanding Other Minds
Embodied Interaction and Higher-Order Reasoning

September 20-21, 2011

A cooperation between the BMBF project OTHER MINDS (Bochum/Cologne) & Mindlab and Gnosis Research Center (Aarhus)

Alexandrinenstraße 1-3
44780 Bochum
Contact and Registration: Bochum.Conference at rub.de<mailto:Bochum.Conference at rub.de>
Home: http://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/philosophy/otherminds-bochum/index.html

Call for Posters

Please submit an abstract (approx. 200 words) by August 1, 2011 to Bochum.Conference at gmail.com<mailto:Bochum.Conference at gmail.com>

We accept poster submission on mindreading and interaction, mindreading and psychopathology, mindreading and emotions, as well as mindreading and models from all disciplines.

1st Day, 20th September
Section: Interaction and Mindreading
9.15-9.30             Registration and Poster Hanging
09.30-10.05        John Michael (Aarhus) and Soren Overgaard (Copenhagen)
Taking interaction seriously – but not too seriously
10.05-10.40        Bert Timmermans (Cologne)
Towards a second-person neuroscience
10.40-11.15        Birgit Knudson (MPI Nijmegen)
Infants’ appreciation of others’ beliefs in interpersonal interactions
11.15-11.30        Commentary Leon de Bruin (Bochum)
11.30-12.00        Coffee Break
Section: Psychopathology and Mindreading
12.00-12.35        Anika Fiebich (Bochum)
Three levels of intersubjectivity: cognitive interrelations and disorders
12.35-13.10        Antonia Hamilton (Nottingham)
Beyond mirror neurons: responding to and understanding others
13.10-13.45        Christine Heinisch (Bochum)
Recognizing and generation of emotional expressions in Schizophrenia
13.45-14.00        Commentary Leonhard Schilbach (Cologne)
14.00-15.00        Lunch Break
15.00-16.00        Poster-Session
Special Event: Controversies in the Cognitive Sciences
How useful is fMRI in psychiatry?
16.00-16.20        Introduction Joshua Skewes
16.20-16.50        Max Coltheart (Sidney)
16.50-17.20        Kai Vogeley (Cologne)
17.20-18.00        General Discussion
19.00                     Conference Dinner

2nd Day, 21th September
Section: Emotions and Mindreading
09.30-10.05        Joel Krueger (Copenhagen)
Shared Emotions and Social Understanding
10.05-10.40        Anna Welpinghus (Bochum)
Emotion recognition as pattern recognition
10.40-11.15        Marielle Stel (Tilburg)
Effects of mimicry and facial feedback processes in understanding others’ emotions
11.15-11.30        Commentary Tobias Schlicht (Bochum)
11.30-12.00        Coffee Break
Section: Alternative Approaches to Mindreading
12.00-12.45        Albert Newen (Bochum)
Understanding Others: The Person Model Theory
12.45-13.30        Dan Hutto (Hertfordshire)
Folk Psychology: Sticking to the High Road
13.30-14.15        Commentary Andreas Roepstorff (Aarhus) and General Discussion

Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Institut für Philosophie II
Sekretariat Prof. Newen
GA 3/153
44801 Bochum
Tel.: 0234/32-28339
Fax: 0234/32-14963
Email: nicole.bremkens at rub.de<mailto:nicole.bremkens at rub.de>
       sekretariat-newen at rub.de<mailto:sekretariat-newen at rub.de>

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