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        Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 21:50:26 +1000
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"Electronic philology is not only a way to make things faster and
inventories more accurate. It is not just a tool. It is also, more
deeply, a change in our attitude." (F.A. Marcos Marin, 1998, in New Media
and the Humanities: Research and Applications ed. D. Fiormonte and J.
Usher, 2001, p.19)

In spite of the attitude we take, whether for historical reasons, or
because the situation demands it, to regard the computer as "just a
tool", the fact remains that the addition of the tool to the task always
changes the task. Even the example Willard gave of the mainframe
computer that they all regarded as just a tool because it was kept in a
separate room and didn't much interact with them, changed forever their
methods of working and the sort of things they could do.

The tendency for you to call something "just a tool" might be inversely 
proportional to your degree of interaction with it.

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