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        Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 09:07:39 +0100
        From: Seth van Hooland <svhoolan at ulb.ac.be>
        Subject: Re: [Humanist] 24.814 Yahoo Pipes in education?
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Dear Larry,

I've integrated a small exercice with Yahoo Pipes in my class on  
Information Architecture (organized in the context of a master in  
information science) a couple of weeks ago. The specific topic I  
tackled that day was the impact of structured and open data on the  
web, and I mainly focussed on XML. Most of my students don't really  
have a technical background so I can't grab their attention during  
more then two hours by explaining the benefits and the history of XML  
and XML schema purely by showing them some examples in my slides, and  
so I've asked them at the end of the class to play around with the  
Yahoo Pipes. It's a very light-weight and easy to understand  
application which illustrates the possibilities offered by RSS  
(concrete application of XML) and you can ask the students to  
integrate the pipe they've created within their own webpage.

I've put the slides of that class (which gives a very basic overview  
of server- and client-side scripting, XML and the impact of these  
technologies on our use of data on the web, illustrated by the open  
data mouvement) on http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~svhoolan/structured_web.pdf

If you're looking for a book on the topic of mashups you can use: Yee,  
R. (2008). Pro Web 2.0 mashups. Apress: New York.

Kind regards,

Seth van Hooland
Digital Information Chair - ULB
Master en sciences et technologies de l'information et de la  
communication  | Université Libre de Bruxelles
Av. F.D. Roosevelt, 50 CP 123  | 1050 Bruxelles
DB 11.113

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