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  [1]   From:    Arno Bosse <abosse at uchicago.edu>                          (30)
        Subject: Re: [Humanist] 24.793 GIS projects

  [2]   From:    Leif Isaksen <leifuss at googlemail.com>                     (53)
        Subject: Pelagios Linked Ancient Geodata workshop

        Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:52:26 +0100
        From: Arno Bosse <abosse at uchicago.edu>
        Subject: Re: [Humanist] 24.793 GIS projects
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Hi John,

Diana Sinton provides a good, current discussion of many projects 
presented at the recent "Mapping Place: GIS and the Spatial Humanities" 
http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/mappingplace/ at UCSB on her blog Diana Maps:


There are various older briefing papers etc. on the topic. Stuart Dunn's 
summary on arts-humanities.net is a good example (http://bit.ly/g8rApV). 
You will also want to look over the 2009 SCI Report, in particular the 
list of references in the resources/readings section: 

Following links tracked by blogs such as 
http://geospatial.posterous.com/ or 
http://electricarchaeologist.wordpress.com/ is also a good way to find 
out about the field.

I second Leif's remark about Neogeography. Two active people in this 
area are Denis Wood and John Krygier. Their blog 
http://makingmaps.net/about/ offers, as it says, "resources and ideas 
for making maps". Lots of good ideas, current book reviews, examples and 
so on.


Arno Bosse
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Goettingen State and University Library
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37073 Goettingen

Phone: +49 551 39 12121
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        Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 12:20:52 +0000
        From: Leif Isaksen <leifuss at googlemail.com>
        Subject: Pelagios Linked Ancient Geodata workshop
        In-Reply-To: <20110318062649.6846811A1D1 at woodward.joyent.us>

Hi all

Apologies for X-posting. Just a quick reminder of the Pelagios Linked
Ancient Geodata workshop at KCL next week.

It's a great line-up of speakers and free to attend so if you're
interested please register at:


Hope to see you there.


Linking Open Data: the Pelagios Ontology Workshop

The Pelagios workshop is an open forum for discussing the issues
associated with and the infrastructure required for developing methods
of linking open data (LOD), specifically geodata. There will be a
specific emphasis on places in the ancient world, but the practices
discussed should be equally applicable to contemporary named
locations. The Pelagios project will also make available a proposal
for a lightweight methodology prior to the event in order to focus
discussion and elicit critique.

The one-day event will have 3 sessions dedicated to:
1) Issues of referencing ancient and contemporary places online
2) Lightweight ontology approaches
3) Methods for generating, publishing and consuming compliant data

Each session will consist of several short (15 min) papers followed by
half an hour of open discussion. The event is FREE to all but places
are LIMITED so participants are advised to register early. This is
likely to be of interest to anyone working with digital humanities
resources with a geospatial component.

Preliminary Timetable
10:30-1:00              Session 1: Issues
2:00-3:30                Session 2: Ontology
4:00-5:30                Session 3: Methods

Confirmed Speakers:

Johan Alhlfeldt (University of Lund) Regnum Francorum online
Ceri Binding (University of Glamorgan) Semantic Technologies Enhancing
Links and Linked data for Archaeological Resources
Gianluca Correndo (University of Southampton) EnAKTing
Claire Grover (University of Edinburgh) Edinburgh Geoparser
Eetu Mäkelä (University of Aalto) CultureSampo
Adam Rabinowitz (University of Texas at Austin) GeoDia
Sebastian Rahtz (University of Oxford) CLAROS
Sven Schade (European Commission)
Monika Solanki (University of Leicester) Tracing Networks
Humphrey Southall (University of Portsmouth) Great Britain Historical
Geographical Information System
Jeni Tennision (Data.gov.uk)

Pelagios Partners also attending are:

Mathieu d’Aquin (KMi, The Open University) LUCERO
Greg Crane (Tufts University) Perseus
Reinhard Foertsch (University of Cologne) Arachne
Sean Gillies (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU) Pleiades
Mark Hedges, Gabriel Bodard (KCL) SPQR
Rainer Simon (DME, Austrian Institute of Technology) EuropeanaConnect
Elton Barker (The Open University) Google Ancient Places
Leif Isaksen (The University of Southampton) Google Ancient Places

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