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        Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2011 19:27:03 +0000
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Dear Willard,

Here are details of two events next week in Glasgow which may be of 
interest to digital humanists:

Arts Lab & HATII Seminar Series: New Directions in Digital Humanities

Literary Illustration & Computing Science

Professor Omer Rana (Computer Science, Cardiff University)
Professor David Skilton (English Literature, Cardiff University)
Dr Julia Thomas (English Literature, Cardiff University)

8 March 2011 5.15pm

Sir Alexander Stone Building, Room 204

There is an awakening of interest in literary illustration in the 
academic world, and many illustrated works and collections of 
illustrations are being brought to public and scholarly notice for 
almost the first time. Yet libraries and museums are unable to provide 
the kind of access researchers are beginning to need, are rarely aware 
of new modes of academic research and, with many other calls on funds, 
are unable to give the conservation of illustration a high priority. 
Academics are developing a new agenda of research of which conservators 
are as yet largely unaware, and which requires access to large numbers 
of images in the study not of individual illustrations, but of 
illustration as a well- established cultural practice. Aiding 
conservation and access by digitisation is one technique which may both 
protect collections and encourage their use. Digitisation needs 
expertise from several fields, including computer science, to be successful.



A colloquium with Professor Elaine Treharne, Florida State University, 
Professor Tony Edwards, De Montfort University, and Professor Julia 
Boffey, Queen Mary, University of London


12 noon –4.00 pm

Turnbull Hall, University of Glasgow Catholic Chaplaincy13-15 Southpark 
Terrace, Glasgow G12 8LG

Digital facsimiles of medieval manuscripts have made it easier for 
scholars and the wider public to explore manuscripts as evidence for all 
aspects of the literature, history, art and culture of the middle ages. 
Yet this improved access to the medieval heritage has created some 
hitherto unrecognised problems. The availability of digital surrogates 
means that libraries and archives are making it more difficult for 
scholars to consult original manuscripts. The reliance on images also 
means that scholars are becoming less aware of the way in which the 
manuscript was designed as an artefact intended to appeal to all the 
senses. We are in danger of seeing the medieval manuscript as a 
disembodied image, disconnected from its characteristics as a highly 
crafted artefact. In this colloquium, some leading manuscript scholars 
will explore this theme from both a practical and theoretical point of view.


12 noon: Elaine M. Treharne, Florida State University, ‘You Kant touch 
this! The transcendent manuscript in the digital age’

1pm: Lunch

1.40pm: Anthony Edwards, De Montfort University, ‘The Machine Stops’

2.30pm: Julia Boffey, Queen Mary, University of London, ‘On Screen or 
Hands On? Some Recent Experiences’

3.00pm: Discussion led by Graham Caie, Elizabeth Robertson and Andrew 
Prescott, University of Glasgow

This meeting has been made possible by the support of the Royal Society 
of Edinburgh.

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