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        Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 12:07:01 +0100
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        Subject: European Latsis Prize 2011: Demography - nominations open

***European Latsis Prize 2011***
-- Invitation to Nominate Candidates --

The European Science Foundation (ESF) invites nominations for the European Latsis Prize 2011.

The Prize, of a value of 100 000 Swiss Francs, is presented each year by the Latsis Foundation at the ESF Annual Assembly to a scientist or research group in recognition of outstanding and innovative contributions in a selected field of research. The research field for the 2011 Prize is:

The European Latsis Prize 2011 seeks nominations for outstanding contributions to research in demography. The scientific study of human populations - their growth, size, distribution and structure - has become a fundamental component of the social sciences and of many other disciplines in other domains. The traditional topics of demography, such as the observation and modeling of rates of births, marriages and deaths, have been supplemented by the study of migration, social movements, distribution of health and wealth, and have been expanded by the study of long-term changes in the geographic distribution and human condition of the human species since its earliest origins. Cross-sectional studies of populations, such as those derived from census data, have been complemented by longitudinal analyses based on the study of cohorts over many decades. Demographic, economic and medical longitudinal databases are increasingly linked to explore the determinants of health and welfare. Demographers reach back into the past, exploiting archival sources to explore such questions as the existence of nuclear or extended families; they also reach into the future, predicting trends in longevity which are currently having a major impact on ages of retirement, pension provision and the demand for medical and other care. Demography is by its nature inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary, and candidates for the European Latsis Prize may come from any of the relevant disciplines.

The criteria used in the selection procedure will be scientific excellence, the enhancement of knowledge, societal impact and contribution to the understanding and solution of European problems.

Nominations may be received for individual scholars or for research groups, but no self nominations will be accepted. All nomination forms should include the detailed nomination statement (maximum 2 pages) setting out clear reasons for the submission, Curriculum Vitae and full list of publications of the nominee.

Please also ensure all contact details are complete (names and full addresses of nominator and nominee, as well as telephone numbers and email addresses).

The nominations will be evaluated by a high-level committee of experts in the field.

The European Latsis Prize 2011 will be awarded on the occasion of the Annual Assembly of the European Science Foundation on Wednesday 23 November 2011, in Strasbourg, France.

For more details on the online submission procedures see www.esf.org/latsis

Dr. Arianna Ciula
Science Officer for the Humanities

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