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  [1]   From:    Carlos Monroy <carlos.monroy at rice.edu>                    (64)
        Subject: The Humanities and Technology Camp - THATCamp Texas 4/15-16

  [2]   From:    Wim Van-Mierlo <Wim.Van-Mierlo at SAS.AC.UK>                 (12)
        Subject: ESTS 2012 in Bern - deadline for paper proposals

        Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 11:05:26 -0600
        From: Carlos Monroy <carlos.monroy at rice.edu>
        Subject: The Humanities and Technology Camp - THATCamp Texas 4/15-16

Announcing THATCamp Texas, April 15-16 at Rice University

THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp) Texas
(http://texas2011.thatcamp.org/) is a free “unconference” that focuses on
the intersection of the humanities and information technology. It will be
held at Rice University in Houston, Texas on April 15-16. Please consider
applying to participate in what promises to be a lively, interactive
exploration of technology’s role in humanities teaching and research,
featuring discussions, demonstrations and hands-on training workshops.

What’s a THATCamp?

At unconferences such as THATCamp, participants set the agenda. Prior
to arriving at THATCamp, participants write brief blog posts describing
topics they would be interested in discussing. At the start of the event on
April 16, we’ll identify common themes and collectively determine the
schedule for the rest of the day. Past THATCamps (in places such as
Virginia, Paris, Australia, the Bay Area, and New Mexico) have included
topics such as pedagogy, GIS mapping, electronic literature, digitization,
text mining, social media, information visualization, and crowdsourcing—
but what we explore at THATCamp is up to its participants. Think of a
typical THATCamp session as a conversation or as a series of hands-on
experiments rather than as a formal presentation; no one stands up at
the front of the room and reads a paper, and everyone is invited to

On April 15, THATCamp Texas will sponsor a free BootCamp, which will
feature hands-on workshops on topics such as visualizing data, creating
interactive, data-driven maps using GIS technologies, developing digital
exhibits using Omeka, and setting up your own blog or web site using
WordPress. If you’d like to propose your own BootCamp session, just let
us know at thatcamptexas at gmail.com

For more information about the THATCamp concept, see
http://thatcamp.org/For more about THATCamp Texas, visit

Who Should Attend?

Typically THATCamps attract students, faculty, librarians, technologists,
museum professionals, public historians, curators, designers, archivists,
and other folks working in the digital humanities and allied fields, but
anyone with an interest in the digital humanities is welcome. THATCamp
is deliberately “non-hierarchical and non-disciplinary.” You can be an
expert or a newcomer—the only requirements are curiosity and a
collaborative spirit.

How Do I Apply?

To apply, point your browser to http://texas2011.thatcamp.org/how-doi-
sign-up/and fill out the brief application form. Applications are due by
March 11, and we’ll notify folks by March 18 if they’ve been accepted.
(We’d like to accept everyone, but we only have space for about 80.)

What Does It Cost?

Nada. But if you were willing to kick in $20 to help cover the costs of
food (free breakfast and lunch), we’d appreciate it. We’re grateful to
Fondren Library at Rice University for sponsoring THATCamp Texas.

What If I Have Questions?

You can contact the organizers of THATCamp Texas (Lisa Spiro of Rice
University, Andrew Torget of the University of North Texas, and Anita
Riley of the University of Houston) by emailing thatcamptexas at gmail.com
or by calling Lisa at 713-348-2594 or Andrew at 434-996-5741

Carlos Monroy, Ph.D.
Gaming Research and Development
Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
Rice University
Houston, TX
voice: 713.348.5481
fax: 713.348.5699
carlos.monroy at rice.edu

        Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 14:29:55 +0000
        From: Wim Van-Mierlo <Wim.Van-Mierlo at SAS.AC.UK>
        Subject: ESTS 2012 in Bern - deadline for paper proposals

Reminder:  The deadline for submission of abstracts to the 8th Annual Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship in Bern is 1 March.   The topic of the conference—Inter National and Inter Disciplinary Aspects of Scholarly Editing— is based on the notion that international cooperation in scholarly editing often has to cope with the fact that the participants are affected by scholarly traditions, theoretical and practical issues that have been developed in the intellectual and institutional environment of their original countries.

Proposal should be sent to Prof. Dr. Michael Stolz, Institut für Germanistik, Länggass-Str. 49, CH-3000 Bern 9, Switzerland or, preferably, via e-mail-attachment to robert.schoeller at germ.unibe.ch.

For further information and detailed cfp, please visit http://www.textualscholarship.eu/conference-2011_12.html.


Dr Wim Van Mierlo
Lecturer in Textual Scholarship and English Literature
Institute of English Studies
University of London
Senate House, Rm 237
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU


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