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I'll have a go at this, as I have used Joomla! quite a lot. Others will doubtless have other areas of expertise. Joomla! has a great range of templates - it's easy to create different look and feels that may suit your needs. It's the most widely used open source CMS (so they say). They have just released version 1.6 though I haven't had a chance to assess it yet. It can be extended easily with its components, plugins and modules. On the negative side it's not particularly well written from a code point of view, it was (in version 1.5) weak on blogging, its security is reportedly not up to scratch, though that may have been addressed in 1.6. It's also difficult to "get under the hood" if what it, and numerous add-ons for it, don't do what you want. 

On Drupal all I can say is that it is supposed to be much better written than Joomla!, but to have a less compelling set of templates and extensions. Others can no doubt say much more.

On Adobe Contribute CS5 it doesn't seem to have a facility for extension, focussing instead on ease of use. That may be what you want, but remember it is a commercial product. You pay and then accept the changes they make to the product, including dropping it later on. It's your call. Personally I would prefer an open-source solution even if it is a little less well finished because it is more stable. But if you are looking for a "future-proof" CMS I'm afraid there isn't one.
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