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  [1]   From:    erika biddle-stavrakos <ebiddl at gmail.com>                 (61)
        Subject: CFP for Occupations: new conference dates and deadline

  [2]   From:    Domenico Fiormonte <domenico.fiormonte at gmail.com>         (50)
        Subject: The Mobile Text

  [3]   From:    Stuart Dunn <stuart.dunn at kcl.ac.uk>                       (43)
        Subject: Centre for e-Research Seminar series - Spring 2012

        Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 11:36:11 -0500
        From: erika biddle-stavrakos <ebiddl at gmail.com>
        Subject: CFP for Occupations: new conference dates and deadline

FYI: The date for “Occupations,” the 11th Annual Graduate Conference in
Communication and Culture at York University and Ryerson University,
Toronto, Ontario has been changed from March 23-25, 2012 to April 27-29,
2012. Please see information on the revised deadline for submissions in the
CFP below.

Also of note, Edu-Factory’s “Our University! A Conference on Struggles
Within and Beyond the Neoliberal University” will be held in Toronto the
same weekend. We will be working in collaboration with the Edu-Factory
organizers on some events over this weekend; stay posted for details. For
more information on the Edu-Factory conference, see

+ + +

11th Annual Graduate Conference in Communication and Culture at York
University and Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada
April 27-29, 2012 (new date!)

Abstracts due: February 1, 2012 (revised deadline)
Email submissions and questions to: intersections.occupations at gmail.com

Occupy but better yet, self manage…. The former option is basically
passive—the latter is active and yields tasks and opportunities to
contribute.… To occupy buildings, especially institutions like universities
or media, isn’t just a matter of call it, or tweet it, and they will come.
It is a matter of go get them, inform them, inspire them, enlist them,
empower them, and they will come.
– Michael Albert, “Occupy to Self Manage” (

The unfolding events at Occupy Wall Street and elsewhere present
possibilities for new politics, and new forms of learning from, living with
and engaging each other. Occupations are attempts to build the social
compositions that are the precondition for action. They are the working
through of a problem that politics-as-usual works to suppress—the massive
exploitation that is capitalism and the emergence of politics adequate to
address it. At this stage, occupations are the connection of people, ideas
and machines—the cumulation of assemblages that might build something. What
happens next depends on what is being built now. We invite graduate
students from all related disciplines to submit proposals for academic,
artistic and activist presentations and workshops that explore and
otherwise critically engage occupations.

Please send a 250-word abstract to occupations.intersections at gmail.com.
Proposals should list paper/panel title, name, institutional affiliation
and contact details.

Workshop facilitators: Please provide a timeline indicating the duration
and one or two general learning objectives of your session, along with
space and technical requirements.

Artists: If sending creative works by email, please limit attachment size
to 5 MB or less, or direct us to a URL. Include viewing instructions,
comments and titles if applicable. If submitting creative works by post,
please mail the proposal, a copy of the work and viewing instructions to
the following address:

Intersections / Cross Sections 2012 Conference
c/o Graduate Program in Communication and Culture
3013 TEL Building, York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON   M3J 1P3

Occupations is presented by and for graduate student scholars, artists and
activists through the organizing efforts of the Communication and Culture
Graduate Students Association (GSA).

For more information about the Joint Graduate Program in Communication and
Culture at York and Ryerson Universities: http://comcult.yorku.ca &

        Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 19:08:14 +0100
        From: Domenico Fiormonte <domenico.fiormonte at gmail.com>
        Subject: The Mobile Text

The mobile text. Studying literature after the new media.
*Il testo è mobile. Studiare la letteratura dopo i nuovi media*
A Study Day

Rome, January 10th 2012
Sala Conferenze “Ignazio Ambrogio”
via del Valco di San Paolo, 19 – Roma
University of Roma Tre
Department of Comparative Literature
Department of Italian Studies
And under the patronage of
Italian Institute of German Studies
Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies.

The advent of the Internet galaxy has been transforming the order of
knowledge and the ways it is elaborated, memorized and transmitted.
Knowledge does not appear to us as an ensemble of separate fields anymore
but as a variably connecting network.Text has lost its centrality but its
presence remains pervasive while its consistence is discovered to be fluid.
Scholars from a whole series of different backgrounds will discuss this new
condition of the text and of the literary studies on the occasion of the
coming out of *Al di là del testo. La critica letteraria e lo studio della
cultura* (Quodlibet, Macerata 2011), edited by Francesco Fiorentino, *Canoni
liquidi* (ScriptaWeb, Napoli 2011), edited by Domenico Fiormonte as well as
the recent work by Massimo Riva *Il futuro della letteratura. L’opera
d’arte nell’epoca della sua(ri)producibilità digitale* (ScriptaWeb, Napoli


Greetings and Opening Remarks

10 a.m

Introduction by Francesco Fiorentino and Domenico Fiormonte

Session One

Coordinated by Maria Del Sapio (Università Roma Tre)

Alberto Sobrero (La Sapienza Università di Roma), "Studiare dopo Internet"

Arturo Mazzarella (Università Roma Tre): "Ogni testo è sempre un pre-testo"

Raul Mordenti (Università di Roma Tor Vergata): "Filologia digitale"

Rocco Ronchi (Università dell’Aquila): "Il testo come molteplicità virtuale
e durata creatrice"

General Discussion with: Francesco Fiorentino (Università Roma Tre), Ugo
Fracassa (Università Roma Tre) and Francesco Pompeo (Università Roma Tre).

3 p.m

Session Two

Coordinated by Mario De Nonno (Università Roma Tre)

Laura Fortini (Università Roma Tre): "Umane lettere: dai corpi testuali
agli stili dell'enunciazione"

Mario Ricciardi (Politecnico di Torino): "Inventare il passato"

Massimo Riva (Brown University): "Liquido/gassoso/nebuloso: per una critica
della ragion fluida"

General Discussion with Domenico Fiormonte (Università Roma Tre), Fabio

(Università di Roma Tor Vergata), Teresa Numerico (Università Roma Tre)

Contacts: ffiorent at uniroma3.it / fiormont at uniroma3.it

        Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 07:04:33 +0000
        From: Stuart Dunn <stuart.dunn at kcl.ac.uk>
        Subject: Centre for e-Research Seminar series - Spring 2012

Dear all,

Apologies for cross-postings.

The Centre for e-Research Seminar Series for Spring 2012 is now 
avilable; see the programme below. All events begin at 6.15, in the 
Anatomy Theatre and Museum, King's College London Strand Campus, and are 
followed by drinks. For directions see http://atm.kcl.ac.uk/. For 
further details of the events and speakers, and to register, please go 
The seminars are free and all are welcome, but registration is requested.

Tuesday 17 January, 6.15pm: Ralph Schroeder and Eric T. Meyer, Oxford 
Internet Institute: Digital Transformations of Research and Styles of 
Tuesday 31 January, 6.15pm:  Leah Tether, Anglia Ruskin University: 
Manuscript Digitisation: How applying publishing and content packaging 
theory can move us forward
Tuesday 14 February, 6.15pm:  Tom Brughmans, University of Southampton: 
Networks of Networks: a critical review of formal network methods in 
archaeology through citation network analysis and close reading,
Tuesday 28 February, 6.15pm:  Anna Jordanous, King's College London and 
Bill Keller, University of Sussex: Building an Ontology of Creativity: a 
language processing approach
Tuesday 13 March, 6.15pm:  Simon Dixon and Rosemary Dixon, Queen Mary, 
University of London: Dissenting Academies Online
Tuesday 27 March, 6.15pm: Andrea Scharnhorst, Nick Jankowski, Clifford 
Tatum, Sally Wyatt, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, 
Netherlands: Enhanced Publications in the Social Sciences and 
Humanities: tensions, opportunities and problems


Dr Stuart Dunn
Research Fellow
Centre for e-Research
King's College London


Tel +44 (0)207 848 2709
Fax +44 (0)207 848 1989
stuart.dunn at kcl.ac.uk

Centre for e-Research
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