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        Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 09:11:44 +0000
        From: Chris Martin <csm22 at caret.cam.ac.uk>
        Subject: 6 month Research Associate post in Digital Humanities at CRASSH
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> Subject: 	6 month Research Associate post in Digital Humanities at CRASSH
> Date: 	Wed, 14 Dec 2011 14:25:33 +0000
> From: 	Anne Alexander <raa43 at cam.ac.uk>

Dear colleagues,

Please find below details of a new short-term post in Digital Humanities 
and Transferable Skills Training available in 2012. I'd be very grateful 
if you could circulate further to anyone who may be interested in applying.

Best wishes,
Anne Alexander

Apply online here: 

*Research Associate
Digital Humanities and Transferable Skills Training (TST)
Six-month post attached to the Digital Humanities Network at CRASSH*

Full-time, starting 1 February 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter
Salary:  £27,428 pa pro rata (Grade 7), fixed term contract, no 
possibility of renewal.

*Deadline for applications:  9 January 2012*

CRASSH is seeking a postdoctoral Research Associate to lead a six-month 
project on the digital humanities and Transferable Skills Training (TST).

The project focuses specifically on the transferability of digital 
skills, and aims to increase awareness among early-career researchers  
of how the digital skills they have learnt in one context (social, 
academic or professional) can be applied in another.

The initiative has three principal aims:

·      To encourage early-career researchers across CSAH and CHSS to 
develop advanced digital skills, make them aware of existing training 
provision and self-teaching resources relevant to their needs.

·      To enhance early-career researchers' awareness of the 
transferability of advanced digital skills, both in terms of the 
development of their academic careers, and in terms of their 
employability outside academia in the rapidly expanding digital economy, 
through the development of a set of online resources and a workshop 
which would highlight how digital skills can support research and 
researchers' careers (both inside and outside academia)

·      To develop recommendations for sustainable researcher development 
in this area, in consultation with key stakeholders across the two 
schools, including identification of potential sources of external 
funding following the end of the Roberts funding in 2012.

*_Main duties_*

Produce a report on the digital training needs of the early-career 
researcher community across CSAH and CHSS in consultation with key 
stakeholders across the University.

Make recommendations on how to deliver sustainable researcher 
development in this area in the medium and long term, including the 
identification of sources of potential future funding after the end of 
the current Roberts funding in 2012.

Create a sustainable directory of research training provision in this 
area to be hosted on the Cambridge Digital Humanities Network website, 
as an easily accessible point of reference for early-career researchers 
in the humanities and social sciences across the two schools.

Create a range of online resources focussing on the role of advanced 
digital skills in career development both in the academic and 
professional domains.

Organise a one-day workshop aimed at early-career researchers which 
would highlight how digital skills can support research and researchers' 
careers (both inside and outside academia).

The proposed timeline for the project, based on a start date of 1 
February would be: project report by mid-July 2012, online resources 
made available from the end of May 2012, workshop to take place in May 
or June 2012.

*_Person specification_*

The Digital Humanities and TST project leader must have:

·      A PhD in the arts, social sciences and humanities

·      Knowledge and experience of advanced digital tools such as 
advanced use of peer-to-peer networks and social media platforms, 
managing user-generated content, and engaging with the public and the 
media in online environments

·      An awareness of existing training provision and self-teaching 
resources relevant to the needs of early career researchers

·      Excellent communication and networking skills, both oral and written

·      Strong organisation skills and the ability to work independently 
and to deadlines

*_How to apply_*

The appointment is full-time for a six-month period, non-renewable.  The 
start date will be 1 February 2012 or as soon as possible thereafter, 
but no later than  end February 2012.  Applications should be made via 
the online application system 
 http://www.crassh.cam.ac.uk/applications.php  by the deadline of 
*midday on 9 January 2012* and should include:

·      CV uploaded as a PDF

·      A Statement of Support (typed into the field Project Title)

·      a completed form CHRIS 6 
 http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/offices/hr/forms/chris6/ , Parts 1 and 3 
only for this application

·      Contact details of two referees
Informal enquiries about the post can be made to  Dr  Anne Alexander, 
raa43 at cam.ac.uk <mailto:raa43 at cam.ac.uk>, Co-ordinator of the Digital 
Humanities Network at CRASSH. For queries relating to the online 
application system, please contact the Administrator, ch335 at cam.ac.uk.

*Equal Opportunities Information*
The University of Cambridge appoints solely on merit. No applicant for 
an appointment in the University, or member of staff once appointed, 
will be treated less favourably than another on the grounds of sex 
(including gender reassignment), marital or parental status, race, 
ethnic or national origin, colour, disability (including HIV status), 
sexual orientation, religion, age or socio-economic factors.

*Information if you have a Disability*
The University welcomes applications from individuals with disabilities. 
Our recruitment and selection procedures follow best practice and comply 
with disability legislation.

The University is committed to ensuring that applicants with 
disabilities receive fair treatment throughout the recruitment 
process.Adjustments will be made, wherever reasonable to do so, to 
enable applicants to compete to the best of their ability and, if 
successful, to assist them during their employment.

We encourage applicants to declare their disabilities in order that any 
special arrangements, particularly for the selection process, can be 
accommodated. Applicants or employees can declare a disability at any time.

Applicants wishing to discuss with or inform the University of any 
special arrangements connected with their disability can, at any point 
in the recruitment process, contact the Administrator 
<mailto:ch335 at cam.ac.uk>, who is responsible for recruitment to this 
position, on Telephone: 01223 760490, or by post to 17 Mill Lane, 
Cambridge CB2 1RX .

*Further Information*
There is a range of information which you may find helpful on the 
University's website: www.cam.ac.uk/jobs/  http://www.cam.ac.uk/jobs/ . 
This includes applying for posts, working at the University, living in 
Cambridge and details of current vacancies.

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