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        Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 09:44:10 -0000
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        Subject: Swedish Twitter University

This nascent bit of cybersocial epistemology may be of interest to this group because of form and/or content:
The Swedish Twitter University conducts micro-courses that consist of 25 tweets (i.e. 140-character messages) that are presented over an appointed hour, during which the instructor addresses questions (also in the form of tweets). The sixth such course will occur on-line on Monday. The topic is foresight exercises (in policy). The instructor, Jamais Cascio, has an interesting line on this (i.e. foresight = body politic's immune system) and there is some background reading here, which also includes more general information about the Swedish Twitter University (you can also see how the previous courses went):  http://svtwuni.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/stu06/
It seems that, at least in principle, they would accept proposals for courses on any topic, which with enough lead time for advertising would attract an appropriate audience. So far, as might be expected, the courses have been about the more futuristic end of science and technology policy but they need not be limited to that.
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