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        Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 06:27:46 -0800 (PST)
        From: "Kevin Roddy" <kproddy at ucdavis.edu>
        Subject: UNIX 7-track computer tapes

Fellow Humanists,

As many of us begin to retire, we find--at least I do--boxes of 1200- and
2400-foot computer tapes, 'tar' format, from the 80's for which
machine-readers no longer exist on campus.  My own two dozen tapes,
chronicling the old days of *Davis Medieval Texts and Studies,* Project
Rhetor, UNIX nroff/troff, and *CHUM*, belong in that category.  The
University of California Digital Libraries personnel have promised to 'look
into the problem,' but I sense that tight budgets will not make it a
priority.  Contrarywise, the few professional services that I have
identified would charge impossibly exorbitant amounts.

Is there an academic institution out there wise enough to have saved a
reader in a back room; sentimentality and laziness would count as well.  If
so, I can promise a remuneration for any conversion to more appropriate
media, and of course complete access to anyone who might be interested in
the material.

With thanks,

Kevin Roddy
Lecturer Emeritus
Medieval Studies Program
The University of California, Davis

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