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        Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 12:54:29 +0100
        From: Patrizia Rebulla <rebullap at tcd.ie>
        Subject: In Mozart's Words. First Group: Mozart's Letters from Italian Travels

A first group of Mozart's letters are online here:


In Mozart’s Words provides multilingual access to an annotated version of
the voluminous correspondence of Mozart and his family - approximately
1,400 letters - that will progressively be made available online. The
website offers i) a univocal database of all references to people, places
and musical works contained in the letters, facilitating the systematic
search of all cited occurrences, and ii) access to background materials
such as reviews, newspapers, documents, objects, paintings, engravings, and
books as a corollary to the historical-critical annotations.

The Mozart family letters are the most extensive and richly detailed
correspondence of any composer of the eighteenth century or earlier and a
fundamental source of information concerning daily life at the time and
Mozart's own biography. Numerous details of his life - including details of
the early tours and the composer's time in Vienna - are known only from the
letters. By the same token, they also give information concerning his
compositional activities, including otherwise unknown works. Even beyond
illuminating the genesis, authenticity and chronology of his music,
however, the letters also give evidence concerning its performance,
including questions of ornamentation, scoring, tempo and the size of the
orchestras he played with, in Salzburg and elsewhere.
The website offers access to the letters in the original German version
plus a modernised German spelling, English, Italian and French.
For the majority of letters, both the holograph and its diplomatic
transcription are available.

Mozart's scores are linked to each work, like here:


The letters are fully annotated by Cliff Eisen
Academic Director of the edition. Within the footnotes, many references are 
given about other sources or contemporary objects, like here:
or here:
and here:

This is the first part of a very ambitious project, conducted until now
with very limited resources. A number of issues are  already known.
Nevertheless, we thought that it was worthy to go online and submit the
website to the community for suggestions and comments.
We will be very grateful for any of them.

Patrizia Rebulla
Project Manager
In Mozart's Words

mobile: +32 494 542610
skype ID: patrizia.rebulla

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