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        Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 14:39:06 +0000
        From: Tom Salyers <tom.d.salyers at gmail.com>
        Subject: Elizabethan drama and collaboration

Could anyone point me in the direction of scholarly papers and/or
books on the subject of collaboration in Elizabethan drama? I'm
particularly interested in material that covers the size of text
segments that collaborators may have habitually worked on--e.g.,
scenes, between the entrance and exit of a major character, more or
less arbitrary chunks, etc.

I'm doing my PhD thesis on computational stylistics and authorship
attribution in Elizabethan drama, and while I know *how* I want to
test, I'm having some trouble narrowing down where to set boundaries
in my texts for my purposes. I had originally picked the scene level,
but a.) that introduces some structural and statistical problems, and
b.) it's been pointed out (and quite rightly) that I hadn't adequately
justified my decision in the relevant chapter. Any and all pointers
would help tremendously. Thanks in advance.

NB: I hasten to point out that this doesn't concern the so-called
"authorship question". My thesis focuses on attempting to determine
what, if any, collaboration or reworking of earlier plays Shakespeare
may or may not have done in the early part of his career--for
instance, what parts of Titus Andronicus might have originated with
George Peele, if any.

Tom Salyers

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